Space helmet reflections

space_helmet_reflections.jpg (92 KB)

“(…) can you identify all the sources? i certainly cannot, but i think its great that each row has a color theme.”

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    When you’re posting the same content as nyokki, you know the quality of your submissions has greatly increased. Good job.


    Haha by that logic I would be already in love with nyokki!


    First row is 2001 A Space Odyssey, no idea, Solaris, 2001 again, and no idea Second row, no idea except for the 4th one which appears to be Sam Rockwell in Moon Third row starts with Ripley in Alien, no idea, the new Battlestar Galactica’s Starbuck, Space 1999 or maybe Lost in Space?, and no clue Fourth row I only recognize Clint Eastwood in Space Cowboys at the beginning. Fifth row, second one is Tom Hanks, Apollo 13, then 2001, no idea, and then 2001 again Sixth row starts with Solaris, no idea, no idea, Ed Harris in Abyss, and… Read more »


    2/2: Radiohead “No Surprises”
    3/4: Barbarella, (great 0-g scene made on glass)
    4/5: Moon
    7/4: I think it’s not a movie shot, looks just like Richard Branson 🙂


    What, no Julia Roberts? (as a Red-Headed Heroine in Notting Hill)

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    When you’re stranded alone on Olympus Mons
    And pressure gauge says your O2’s all gone
    Lift up your faceplate and look up at the sun
    And go to your god like a spaceman.


    Wait, in order to see through it, the helmet needs to be back lit, which means that the guy can’t see out of it. I call Shenanigans!