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Science is Beauty
Sibley Labs Picture Gallery

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    obvious troll is obvious

    Tiggle Bitties

    i’m not sure where the trolling is coming in here but i have a feeling it might have something to do with the whole abortion debate. I merely think this looks cool.

    inb4 abortion = EVIL


    should that not say *nature* is beauty? science is a method not a thing. we are looking at nature here using technology developed through the scientific study of reality. just saying.

    Think Tank

    I love burritos at four a.m.
    Parties that never end
    Dogs that love cats
    And…and twins


    Had this come a few months ago, I would be full on internet rage on the pro-life side. But my troll senses have become more in tune, and I just don’t care enough to rant on the internet.


    My girlfriend is pregnant. While I’m excited (but nervous) to be a father, I REALLY hope we don’t have twins.