Followin the sheep

IOGraphica - 1.1 hours (from 7-50 to 9-05).png (643 KB)

IOGraphica - 1.2 hours (from 21-06 to 22-21).png (757 KB)

IOGraphica - 1.4 hours (from 20-10 to 21-40).png (854 KB)

IOGraphica - 2.2 hours (from 6-40 to 8-58).png (975 KB)

IOGraphica - 43.2 minutes (from 19-01 to 19-44).png (323 KB)

Fuck you lamb and your wierd thingy starting thing.
From last week, each one is about 1 to 3 hours,
I don’t remeber what I was doing it was a lot of things.

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    oh wow, i think these are my faves so far. nice job, gee-yair-moe


    I went to bed with the program still running. 20 hours later, the graphic was nothing but black.


    you went to bed for 20 hours?

    Tiggle Bitties

    the ladies require pleasin


    Is their anything better to post anymore than these damn things?I mean how many of these would you want to see?


    dewds, srsly

    if you continue to make these pics, it’ll blow up the planet! srsly! stop it!


    meh… doesn’t work on dual monitors…


    Worked on mine.

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