America’s answer is puppies

americas answer is puppies.jpg (252 KB)

i’m willing to bet something like this would actually work

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    use a cat and the internets, and this just might work

    Think Tank

    I was going to suggest that too. Mostly because the majority of the “wealthiest people on earth” are heartless bastards who would kill a thousand of the world’s cutest puppies if it meant a 1% increase in quarterly profits.


    I think it’s funny that all the hate is being thrown at the rich right away instead of seeing the real problem that the cartoon implies.


    I think it’s funny that you assume people can’t do both and that you get to decide which problem is more real.


    Within the next two years, Obama is going to have to go blind, turn gray, lose his mind, and grow a beard before resorting to this last, successful measure.


    Or, you know, he could end a war or two.

    Think Tank

    Ending the Bush tax cuts and the two wars would cut the deficit by a trillion dollars. But that would make sense, so of course it’s not going to happen.


    If the Bush tax cuts go back into effect I’m seriously going to go on a hatchet frenzy. I really can’t feel sorry for the top 2 percent when they of 44 percent of everything. Plus the Reagan’s economic adviser now says he was wrong about trickle down econ and now especially isn’t the time to cut taxes.