Out of nowhere, a vampire jumps out into the middle of the road

Two nuns are driving down a country road in England in the middle of the night. Out of nowhere, a vampire jumps out into the middle of the road.

The vampire bares its fangs at the petrified nuns, who are now stopped just feet from the hissing vampire.

One nun says to the other, 'Quick, show him your cross', and the other nun leans out the window and yells, “GET OUT OF THE ROAD, YOU TOOTHY GIT ”

via reddit.

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    It’s Friday the 13th and I don’t get it.


    “show him your cross”
    “show him you’re cross(angry)”

    meh… I prefer shit martin luther king products personally 🙂

    Luke Magnifico

    Took me a second.


    So bad that it’s still bad.


    Heard that one on the British show Vicar of Dibley. Awesome show. Don’t let the name throw you off, it’s not a god-preaching show. Kind of a parody of the church clergy. Anyway, ends every episode with the vicar telling a joke to the air-headed verger over a cup of tea. It’s more the verger’s reaction that’s funny than the jokes themselves…


    I fucking lol’d.


    *pretends to laugh and agree that this is funny even though he has no idea what the fuck just happened there*


    I read this two days ago and it still makes me giggle. And I’ve been calling everybody a toothy git.