Haters gonna hate

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Trying to figure out what social setting brings these 2 types of folks together..

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    I hope. Otherwise it’s obviously a porn stage.

    No definitely some jazzy gathering, see the guy in the back who looks all constipated? He’s playing the saxophone.


    It is hard to say if this is more bluesy or more jazzy, but definitely one of the two.

    Or, because there appear to be three other white men in the photograph, perhaps it is a gathering where black women and white men find each other for illicit affairs.


    He’s OBVIOUSLY a rapper, Notorious J.E.W.


    That’s George R.R. Martin, author of the “Song of Ice and Fire” series. I’m betting those are some actresses in the upcoming HBO adaptation. Or I’m living in the wrong neighborhood for geeks.


    yep that’s martin alright


    Ding ding ding, you are correct.


    What black roles are there in the series? The only ones I could think of are some of the whores that keep Tyrion’s secret escape route, or maybe some of the people Dynaheir meets.


    Holy shit, at first I was going to make a Colonel Sanders/KFC/Black joke.

    But its GRRM. No wonder that new book still isn’t out yet. You bastard.
    I sure hope you’re right Attercap.


    Obviously he’s their pimp.




    I was gonna say church. The old guy’s combination of “friendly old man” and “deviant pervert” would be ideal for a priest. And when I was growing up, the only time I saw black people was at church. Then I’d always hear the little old ladies grumbling about the church letting black folks in, and I’d be all, “What was that Jesus said about love & tolerance and all that?” and the old ladies would give a me a cookie and tell me to shut the fuck up. Outside church, I’d get a smack upside the head for that sort… Read more »

    casemods UID# 667

    He’s a cook or something.


    You mean all I have to do to get the hotties is tuck my t-shirt into my elastic jeans and dress like the Van De Kamps fisherman?


    Yep, it’s Martin at some event in Morocco. This was posted on his blog forever ago, but I never thought to caption it. Kudos to whoever did.

    casemods UID# 667

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