Get paid less for doing more

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How does this seem too good to be true?

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    Yep, sounds about right.


    More like too stupid to be true.


    Sounds like many entry level positions…
    Especially graphic design where being a gopher is a prerequisite.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Creative talent seldom gets anywhere near the respect it deserves because creative people don’t practice bullshitting all day.


    It’s a shame I don’t have the balls to go on a massive persona change rampage, emulating the dickheads in middle managment – I’d love to see how it went.

    I need to win the lottery to carry out these kind of tests, take 200 office workers who are relativley bright and not emotionally crippled and see how far bullshit gets 100 of them and hard work gets the other 100. Infact, time to google to see if someones already done it.


    Obviously someone’s idea of a sarcastic joke listing. Probably got screwed over with a job that turned out to fit that description rather than what was advertised. :p

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