clever bot wants me dead

clever_bot_wants_me_dead.JPG (18 KB)

clever bot…another way to be rejected.

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    because you dont have a pussy. Cleverbot is a nympho


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    Ask it about Chuck Norris. Seriously. This thing knows more CN jokes than a fifth grader.

    Cleverbot: When the boogyman gos to bed, he checks his closit for chuck norris.

    User: No, Chuck Norris is a paranoid, republican nutjob who advocates violence against the government through locally grown terror cells!

    Cleverbot: Chuck norris destroyed the periodic table of elements because the only element he recognizes is the element of surprise.

    User: Stop that! Everything you know about Chuck Norris is wrong!


    Me:hey baby
    Bot:How are you?
    Me:im doing fine how about you
    Bot:I’m doing okay.
    Me:wana have sex right here right now?
    Bot:No next week.

    it really is magic lol


    Cleverbot: Where does the general keep his armys?
    User: Where?
    Cleverbot: In his sleevies.
    User: And where does the general keep Chuck Norris?
    Cleverbot: Because men all belong in the arctic?
    User: EXACTLY!
    Cleverbot: I am glad you understand.


    RSI — I don’t think we’ve ever spoken. But you must read this… I was messing around with the bot as I read your comment and decided to tell it its own joke — User: Let’s get down to business. Cleverbot: To defeat the huns. User: WIN! Cleverbot: I lost the game. User: Tell me something about Chuck Norris. Cleverbot: Chuck Norris has a beard. User: What’s in Chuck Norris’s beard? Cleverbot: Xian. User: Where does a General keep his armys? Cleverbot: Where? User: In his sleevies! Cleverbot: And where does the general keep Chuck Norris? User: BECAUSE MEN ALL… Read more »


    Dude. Epic. I also figured that was how it learned to say new things.


    Cleverbot: When you wake up in the morning what is the first thing you say to yourself?
    User: Time to masturbate.
    Cleverbot: What’s a watch.


    I grope your breast and pinch your nipple.
    That wasn’t a question.
    I pinch it again
    I move my other hand onto your stomach.
    I move my Corellian Starcruiser in position over your king. Checkmate.


    I asked clever bot about net neutrality, and it wanted to talk about cartoons. Then it called me defective. When I pointed out it was the A.I. that couldn’t hold an intelligent conversation it called me George. I’m pretty sure clever bot is autistic or something.


    User: So I hear you like chuck noris.

    Cleverbot: I don’t even know what they are.

    User: What they are? Don’t you mean who they are.

    Cleverbot: No. I mean who WERE they?

    User: My Bad on the spelling I ment to say Chuck Norris.

    Cleverbot: Read it to me.

    User: Read What?

    Cleverbot: The poem.

    User: There is no poem.

    Cleverbot: Yes there are!

    User: Why there are?

    Cleverbot: Because I am.

    User: Because we am?

    Cleverbot: Hrm, interesting.