space required to transport 60 people

space required to transport 60 people

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    Yea, but my bike isn’t air conditioned.


    My bike is. The faster I go the cooler the air.


    I live in the desert. Going faster just works like a convection oven.


    Actually, it’s worse in humid areas. Ugh… Riding a bike when you practically need scuba gear to go outside just sounds awful. :p


    first of all, i bet you can use less cars than that to transport 60 people.

    but it looks like Bus wins this round


    The bus won’t let you plan your route home.

    Cars will always win.


    Fuck it. We should all drive motor homes. Because when it’d be time to drive home, we’d like already be there.


    Dude…like…you’re right…whooooa….


    You don’t get pee on when you drive your own car.

    fracked again

    Where are you? I can remedy that.


    I’m in Alaska. Who wants to wait for a bus in the freezing cold? And you realize how crappy our sidewalks are in the winter? You’d have to be in top shape to get anywhere on a bike in the winter. A car, actually, a nice 4 wheel drive vehicle is the best way to get around most of the time. With all the accidents we get up here, who wants to be in a small fuel efficient vehicle? Btw, the last 4 vehicles I’ve had were totaled. One of them was hit while it was parked in front of… Read more »


    I think this applies more to major cities, not frozen tundra.


    You’re retarded for living in Alaska. Seriously I understand the beauty and all that but living in an environment that is susceptible to freezing everything and making living conditions impossible without the modern conveniences of technology is the dumbest thing. It’s comparable to living in tornado alley or living on a fucking fault line. If your living somewhere where nature itself can destroy your life at any moment you have revoked your right to bitch about it.


    And no matter what nature does to people elsewhere, they still bitch. Hell, you gotta live somewhere!

    As for our weather… we have warmer temp than southern Michigan lots of times in the winter. I’d say we have warmer/better winters than northern Minnesota. Now in Fairbanks…. You have a good point.


    got to love the fact they zoomed in on the car picture to make it look more crowded wen the point would have worked just as well without doing that. Also if each car seats 5 people then you only need 12 cars.


    Well, yeah, but not everyone in the carpool is going to the same place all the time. If only one out of five people owned a car (talking about the continental US here), it’d be a logistical nightmare for the driver. Something like this, I’d imagine:
    Personally, I think buses are the way to go. Not everyone can bike everywhere, even though biking is my favorite for getting from A to B. I mean, where else can you find a vehicle that gets 30 miles to a sandwich?


    Drive by’s would be much more awesome with buses. And much funnier with bicycles.


    To be fair, they aren’t taking into account the capacity of each car either. That, however; would imply the possibility of carpooling, which I don’t think they are allowing for. Ideally, if all conditions allowed for it (weather, road conditions), the bike would be the best option. Obviously, it wouldn’t work for some people though. All that aside, I ride my bike to work.

    You, don’t, need, commas, everywhere.

    Also this isn’t the space required to transport them. Its the space required to have them stationary for a picture.

    Plus they zoomed on the cars as was pointed out.


    it’s still 12 cars versus 1 bus versus however much little space bikes take up.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ya but the cars also go direct. The bus stops for each of the 60 people and starts again. It takes way more fuel and uses more fuel since it takes much more gas to get moving than to coast along as with a car. It also blocks a lane which causes traffic congestion. It takes longer because of the stops. The bikes make some sense for short distances in a city. They are completely impractical for commuters or anyone traveling a reasonable distance. They’re no good in harsh weather which where I am is half the year. They’re dangerous… Read more »


    I usually commute 30-40 miles a day on average. That’s including doing errands and groceries and the such. I always obey traffic laws seeing as how I do ride on the road and I live in Florida where 60% of the time the weather is actually not cooperating. So to me good Sir your argument about a bicycle is completely invalid and redundant. I’ve heard all the crap your spewing before and I find it to be laughable because usually it comes from a)A fat ass b)A lazy ass or c)A person who feels inferior on a bicycle and needs… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ya I’m real fat and lazy because I’m not some hippy queer on a 10 speed sniffing my own farts all day.

    Florida has bad weather? Shit then they have really good PR because last I checked Miami looked pretty fucking good.

    I need compensation in the form of my time back for wasting it reading your fucking bullshit.

    Don’t forget your little helmet, retard.

    “You, don’t, need, commas, everywhere.”

    It’s called “punctuation” – look into it sometime. 😛

    The only fault I could find was his semicolon after “however” should have been another comma. All the rest are proper, bitch! 😀

    fracked again

    Maggie got an MFA in Anal Retention.

    No you misused commas over and over, stupid.

    Just because you pause in a sentence doesn’t mean you change conjecture.

    Go back to school or at the very least shut the fuck up.


    While a car CAN hold more people, the sad fact is that when cars are used as transportation, more than 95% have a single occupant – the driver. All attempts to get people to carpool have failed completely. Even in cities with horrible traffic, the high-occupancy lanes for buses and carpooling is usually empty.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Also forgot that buses are on the road for about 18 hours a day constantly running.

    The myth that public transportation is more economical or environmentally friendly is a bunch of bullshit.