Vietnam – helicoptor take off

Vietnam - helicoptor take off

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    I really hope those are tanks full of napalm


    No, it’s probably potable water. Also, they’re called bladders.


    when i made that comment i was on my phone and could not see too much detail. that is a good call, but i dont think you are correct. wouldnt a bladder collapse laying down like that? or at least spill out the top? also, last time i filled my canteen, the bladders had like 4 spigots on the bottom sides, and also a very wide rim. then again, those do look like they have a cloth exterior… also, they may be different models than the ones i used


    upon further inspection, there are hoses running from the bladders to the helicopters, so i assume it is not water


    Probably not. I remember my dad showing me pix he took over there that had larger bladders he said were water. He was a CH-46 pilot, so I trust him on that. I suppose they had them for fuel as well. Something to do with self sealing when shot or some shit.


    Huh…I just got a virus alert, on MCS.


    Is that what is playing “Flight of the Valkyries”? I thought it was just in my head….

    Tiggle Bitties

    huh, I use a mac to browse sites i don’t trust.


    on a PC I use Chrome to browse and AVAST for a/v, combined it has worked very well for blocking popups and preventing connections to malware sites. Here in the office, using Chrome on Ubuntu 10.04


    firefox and a/v on a pc works like wonder bread 2.


    FF3 and avast!.


    Charlie don’t surf.


    you beat me to it by 1.5hrs..


    I flied UH-1H on Brazilian Air Force!


    In ten years we pissed away enough money to build, staff and fund a four year college in each of the 50 states. All to illegally invade a country, murder its citizens and poison its rice crops. Then Robert S. McNamara said, “Vietnam was the biggest, worst mistake this country ever made.” Well, lets hear it for 20/20 hindsight. I am sure all the blind, armless, legless, dickless Vets will feel better about that.

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