West coast hogs mini chopper

DSCN6583.JPG (644 KB)

DSCN6567.JPG (529 KB)

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DSCN6584.JPG (615 KB)

DSCN6581.JPG (423 KB)

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DSCN6571.JPG (355 KB)

Got this today for $200.

They sell for around $600 new.

Guy says it runs and the motor backs that up.

Got his info and his address, so no craigslist scam here.

Going to paint all the plastic parts a nice car show/candy coat green with sparkles (it will look siiiick)

Also going to get some ape bars and that seat that gives you back support.

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    “and the tires still hold air.”
    Really? Because I can see the back tire smashed flat when your fat ass got on.


    The “easy rider back support thingy” has a name. It’s called a sissy bar. It seems oddly appropriate.



    What a waste of 200 bones.


    “…nobody else has one.”

    That’s because everybody with enough neurons to form a synapse has more sense than to waste their money on a bunch of motorised Meccano with delusions of grandeur.


    There’s a good reason nobody else has one… Because no one can ride one without looking like an idiot.l

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    If your fat ass sat on it it’d just disappear.


    Ooh, more fat jokes toward someone you’ve never seen before and, thus, have no way of knowing what physical condition they’re in…. How clever.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I made an accurate assumption based on your responses to threads about fat turds.

    To be fair I thought you were a woman before but you corrected me on that one.



    It’s still nothing more than an assumption. But, whatever. It’s not like you’re really offending me with it. I only comment because I’m amused at the desperation of the jab…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    No I believe you admitted to being a fat fuck before.

    Live a lie if you’d like.

    I’ll put money down that you’re a fat fuck.

    So prove me wrong or stfu, cunt.


    The photo where you’re not wearing a shirt is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. So what are you going to do with it? Are you allowed to ride this on the streets where you live?


    As much as I hate to say this, watch yourself. A local neighborhood where I live (granted, it’s in Boston, and I know nothing about the town where you live in California) there was a 14 year old boy riding around one of those midget crotch rocket street bikes. Anyways, some other kids wanted that bike more than he did, and shot him quite a few times, killing the boy and stealing his bike. As much as you may be an attention craving whore on this site, I would rather not read about some skinny white kid getting gunned down… Read more »


    The only way you’re going to be able to sell that is if… A.)You find some one who is far more of a fag then you to buy it. Which is near impossible because you’re really Fucking gay. … or B.) You find a pedophile to buy it. So they can take their 5 year dates on a ride around the block.


    That back tire is looking a bit flat when you’re on it case. Just sayin’


    there is some issue with the DOT regarding “pocket bikes”. They (or similar agency) didn’t regard anything with an engine at or less than (i think) 50cc a vehicle so you don’t need to register them or smog them for riding on private streets, however some other legalities have prevented the current retail sale of pocket bikes. There are a few companies that manufacture them here in the northern part of southern california, however they can not sell/ship them to california residents. I have spoken with their reps, and claim most have new order shipped to AZ or NV and… Read more »


    correction: when I say cannot legally sell, I specifically mean california


    dept of transportation. i recall somebody mentioning something about costly state licenses being the reason the manufacturers shy away from california sales, though all the info is just words on the wind. they may fall under the moped area of ca law www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/Moped_Laws:_West#California


    Yeah…your ass hurts because of the bike….sure….


    3 hours of you annoying the fuck out of your neighbors. What a redneck POS.


    You spent 200 on a kid’s toy that you’re at least 1 foot too tall for.
    You should’ve spent that on a gym membership you chubby POS.


    sweet bike, brah

    Luke Magnifico

    You could have just made one for alot cheaper.


    u can put a bigger wheel on the back im sure. but bear in mind it has no suspension. hmmmm i bet it sounds sweeeeet XD


    i love how you hacked the license plate off the back fender. did you also file off the VIN number?


    “Going to paint all the plastic parts a nice car show/candy coat green with sparkles (it will look siiiick)”

    Don’t feed the troll, chilluns.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    2nd last pic

    if you rode past me

    I would shit myself laughing

    also shame on you all for not asking this first:
    will it take off?

    Film it and show us?


    That last pic made me immediately think: “They see me ridin….they hatin…”


    I’m expecting no less than three to five “Your [Minibike] sounds like my [Vuvuzela]” posts… Just when I thought that meme was over…


    Even without context, I’m saving that to my Best of M[C]S folder…

    Well played, sir.


    so you get your 20 minutes in the sunlight good. ots seems that you are recovering from the sun allergy. good, for you.


    am I the only one that thinks an king should be an hero?


    maybe after the next banhammer he could be:

    an douchebag
    an traffic statistic
    or better yet
    an memory


    ITT: people that don’t know what an hero means…


    ITT: fuck you.


    ITT: I’m not mad. you’re an idiot. my comment about what an hero means was not directed at mld, as you obviously assumed it to be. pound sand douchebag.


    West Coast Hog? Where do you live because I don’t see any of these things anywhere around here…but then again, I see a cop every 30 minutes and you’d probably get arrested before you even had a chance to get that thing on the main street. Speaking of cops, those guys are so bored they tend to overreact to everything. Just the other day I saw them almost shut down a street because an elderly dog got loose and growled at the cop trying to catch him. So he pulled out a collapsible baton, got on the radio for backup,… Read more »

    Luke Magnifico

    Yeah, but if the cops come, just pick it up and put it in your pocket.


    the back rest is called a sissy bar just so you know


    can’t hate. the gf and I each have pocket bikes. we take them to the empty mall. tons a fun.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Way to sew a seed in my brain.

    I think I can get the sport bike ones for 150 a pop but they’re gas powered and go like hell. I didn’t buy one before because I was told they’re really easy to wreck.


    I have to say this is the most adventous one you have had since the women’s peacoat one (that one was really funny too.) Your gravel/dirt hole of a backyard needs a little work though.


    Why do you have a cement parking curb next to your trash cans?


    As do you…no?
    Also, you will never be this awesome: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ga72-ASP1uM


    Why green? Honestly, I think that would take away from the red and make it look like it belongs under a Christmas tree. Just sayin’. :]


    Want to see more pics of your dog


    you bastard!

    troller gonna troll, but don’t ENCOURAGE HIM!

    (fully well realizing that by responding to this thread twice, I am doing the very same thing)


    I like his dog, it’s cute.


    As usual you are a douchebag mr “king”.
    Also you have proven that you are retarded as well, 200 bucks for scooter built for a 2 year old? Or was it your way of buying a penis extension? Most guys like that buy a spots car, you must be starting REALLY small to use that toy.


    The hideousness of this bike will haunt my dreams forever.