125piece-puzzle-in-6-different-metals-with-hidden-Golden.jpg (65 KB)

125piece-puzzle-in-6-different-metals-with-hidden-Golden_1.jpg (137 KB)

125piece-puzzle-in-6-different-metals-with-hidden-Golden_2.jpg (94 KB)

A curiously Tetris-like 125 piece puzzle that provides components for a complete gun (including bullets) if you finish it.


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    Could I sneak this on an airplane?


    my guess is, if it’s on MCS then the TSA probably already knows about it –


    I might be able to finish figuring out how to assemble the thing right around the end of a flight to South Africa…


    I think the question is, could you assemble and use this on an airplane without rising suspicion long before you got it assembled? You’d be better off having a few of those game pieces have hidden box cutters or whatever.


    Even if it was brought on an airplane, it’s only a single shot. It has already been proven many times since 9-11 that average passengers will risk their life to stop another airplane hijacking.


    So this is the terrorists new plan.


    wheres the barrel?


    It’s there. The silver (end) part of the barrel is near the top right of the picture with the nicely laid out pieces. The gold part of the barrel is standing on its short edge (i.e. upright) near the bottom right (you can see it casting a longish shadow).


    I think it is standing on end, lower right corner, right above that dark piece.


    oh hey, it’s Megatron


    Technical, it is NOT a firearm. It’s a short barrel muzzle loader. A muzzle loader does not require to be register (if you live in the states that require register pistol), does not need to go through ffl dealer to transfer, and can be purchase by minor (not really apply since this a collector art piece and expensive as hell).

    Of course this will still not be able to carry on to plan, they don’t even let you have a nail clipper.

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