Reverse Guillotine

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“ok, this is my best idea yet. instead of bring the blade to the victim, you shoot the victim up towards the blade using rollercoster grade electromagnet accelerators. Lasers decapitate the victim while also triggering a camera which captures the victim’s face at the point of contact. The victim’s head is then launched upwards, ready for any onlookers to catch the pop-fly as a souvenir.”

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    A reverse guillotine should be an instrument to quickly attach a person’s head.

    fracked again

    Inverted guillotine.




    I’d pay good money to stand in the front row for something like this. There’s nothing like a good, juicy, freshly decapitated head to bring home with you. Also, I’m thoroughly convinced that this wouldn’t just be bells and whistles (I hope I’m using the expression correctly, in German it would be “schnickschnack”), because the regular guillotine produces such an anti-climax, all you get is a soft *flop* when the head falls into a crappy basket at the bottom. This improved guillotine would ensure that the people have something real to look forward to, that they would come back again… Read more »


    Most probably it would just get to the spine and the head would just hang there…

    But… if you put a headrest that has small springs on the neck side of the guy, and has a one inch distance from the part that sustains his body (place there the blade will go through. And the blade isn’t extremely sharp, that when it hits the guys neck it would push his head on the springy rest. The Jump effect would be accomplished.

    But I wouldn’t stand in the front row, it might jump further.


    Yeah good point but in my mind there’s bound to be a most satisfying *boing* or *crunch* or *crackee de flump* when the head is separated from the body which you get to hear in its full glory only if you stand in the front row. And if you’re lucky the head shoots straight into the air from the point where it originally was so that it drops close to the front row.


    You need some serious karma for that to happen.



    Maxwell Edison

    Attaching this to the regular guillotine would eliminate that anticlimax problem.


    I love that one. I watched it several times in a row, to appreciate it properly.


    And when the head goes flying into the crowd, it`d be like a really twisted “bridal bouqet toss”.
    Whoever catches the head WINS!

    Luke Magnifico

    And they’ll be beheaded next!

    Wait, shit.


    I know. I didn`t think that one through before posting.

    Kik Dogg

    I would definitely leave out the high powered laser (to clean cut and cauterize). The spray of blood would lend a Blue Man type attraction to the first few rows of seats. If getting the blade through the spine was a concern, a bar could be extended out from the proximal (blade-carrying) arch about halfway up, at forehead position, to snap the neck and make it floppy for the final cut (not unlike cracking a chicken leg to make it easier for the cleaver to get through). The extra flop would probably give the head more distance, allowing premium seating… Read more »


    Why not just use primer cord or a linear shape charge? You get a bang and clean separation. Would probably send the head back a couple rows as well. Just have the trigger up close to the top where the blade is.


    Instead of a laser to decapitate them you should put a steel plate at the top to create a press. It’d be like a Gallagher show. Then you could make money by selling ponchos to people in the front rows.

    War Horse

    Friggin awesome! You’d never sell one to the pansies here in the US, but 3rd world countries would be clambering for one.

    What about angling the upward motion some, that way the head goes upward and out into the crowd for better distance rather than just up?


    I assume you plan on adding some form of restraint?


    Fuck that, have it hinged at the feet so it’ll automatically eject the spent casing. This thing really should be belt fed. Getting every 5th one to be a tracer will take some thought though.


    I like it. But imagine how excruciating this would be if, instead of springing up the victim fast, you went reaaalllly slooowwwww. It’s a laser so there wouldn’t be a need for a big impact. With the camera you could actually film the slow, screaming, death of a person who is being decapitated slowly.

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