Morgan Freeman

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    This is WONDERFUL.


    And I`ve been watching this series he narrates, good stuff.


    A couple nights ago, there was an astronomy show on narrated by Patrick Stewart, followed by the show narrated by Morgan Freeman.

    No science sounds as badass as astronomy, apparently.


    I rather enjoyed the British narrator for Planet Earth, but I totally get your point.

    Do you remember the name of the Stewart show?


    Some looking tells me it was “If We Had No Moon”. It was a one-hour special, kind of interesting.


    Forgot the “Hello Ladies”


    your balls are now diamonds


    We get it.

    Religious people scare you.

    Moving on.

    Though it presents an M.C. Escher-esque paradox, I’m afraid the truth about this post is as follows: If the collectively imagined omniscient deity appeared before you in some sublime amalgam of forms, it would never be as awesome as if it simply became a Deified Morgan Freeman, *even if*, and this is the tricky part, Morgan Freeman’s image/essence were added to the previous averaging.

    The simple fact is, religious people these days don’t have good enough gods to satisfy- they don’t scare us, they disappoint us.

    You’re afraid of the people not the God.

    That’s the real simple fact.

    um. . .nuh huh? I’m wasn’t terribly wrapped up in this, but this idea intrigues me: why would I be afraid of religious people? There is quite literally nothing about religious people that scares me. I mean, certainly I’m afraid of the man with the gun pointed at me, or the hand on the detonator, but only in that destructive capacity- regardless of motive, unless the motive contains the solution to dissolving the threat. I don’t care what other people believe, at least, not past the requirements of a discussion, or general respect. Sorry for the word vomit, but I’m… Read more »

    Ah I meant you’re afraid they’ll force their belief system and its associated limitations on how people currently conduct themselves onto you and everyone else. Which I think is true. I do think that’s why some people in America are petrified of the Christian majority. Mainly because they’ll even argue its the majority. Its not even as though its close. Anyway. I also think Americans who are afraid of religious people are quite often the types who are avoiding their real problems to concentrate their time and emotions on something that is so far far far beyond their influence or… Read more »

    short reply:
    can’t speak for others, but I do in fact know several successful, content atheists, including one of my best friends, who is happily married to christian-raised girl, owns his own successful business, which is just shy of the 6 figure mark.
    But I’m well aware of the rarity of that situation.

    One time I made 6 figures in 2 days. Another time 10 grand in 30 mins.

    Anyway…ya that’s a rarity I guess.


    I’m a contented, successful self-proclaimed atheist. I’m not sure I get your point though. I’m surrounded by both religious and atheist friends and family. It’s just not a problem, except those very few family members (extended family) that are born-agains. They drive me crazy. They won’t stop preaching at me. I think they’re brain-deficient, or something. I never hated religious people. I gotta admit though, in the last few years, they’ve given me pause and I am a bit afraid of what some of them are trying to do. I don’t Creationism or Intelligent Design in Biology class, along w/… Read more »


    FFS nyokki, read before you submit!

    I don’t want* Creationism or Intelligent Design in Biology class

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Oh I was saying most atheists are hell bent on everyone knowing they’re atheists and its more about being a whiny fucker for a lot of people and being desperate for some kind of validation rather than actually caring. The alternative would be to address the faults in their own lives and actually accomplish something. I’m referring to the majority I see. Probably 9/10 of them with the 1/10 hating religion for some other reason based in fear. So would you rather have Christians gong to church and lobbying for God or Muslims praying on their knees in the park… Read more »


    I’m the first to admit that I am not really an atheist by choice. I didn’t have any religion betray me. I hold no personal anger against any particular religion, though I do have problems w/ many particular religious people. I’ve never been baptized and I’ve never been to a church service that wasn’t a wedding or funeral. I assume that most believers can’t imagine life w/o God any more than I can’t imagine life w/ God. Actually, my atheism didn’t really come to the fore til I moved down south. It’s insane out here and people have really thought… Read more »


    This was magnificent.


    My God doesn’t talk in Comic Sans. That’s an automatic win.


    A font so bad, even reposting this with the best font you could find couldn’t wash away the fail.


    makes sense, ive read the christian bible god is black because: *eating from the tree of knowledge is BAD, people are supposed to be stupid and primitive like blacks *if a girl cant find a suitable partner, she can just fuck her dad to keep the family bloodline clean *god destroyed sodom and comorragh but let some fags live – just like blacks to cry out against homosexuality but get a bit Down&Low in private *an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth – well in the case of a black person, you give them an insult… Read more »


    You really are a hateful person, aren’t you? I sure am glad I don’t see the world the way you do. I don’t think I’ve seen you chime in on any post where you weren’t a bigoted asshole. I guess you didn’t hear that all of us humans are supposed to have descended from a black woman in Africa? On top of that, I sincerely doubt that in between then and now that ANY of our blood lines have remained “pure” enough that you, in your own bigoted skin, don’t have SOME traces of just about every other race that… Read more »


    your logic fails

    there has never been just a single breed of any type of mammal on this planet, there have always been several breeds, similar in some aspects but overall biologically different

    just because blacks share similar traits as humans does not make them human,
    at worst their ancestors may have bred with homo erectus and then stopped there, staying in that level of evolution, which they are still at today, but one cannot compare them to us the homo spaiens


    Even if you are a troll, I still think you are still a horrible person.


    “there has never been just a single breed of any type of mammal on this planet, there have always been several breeds, similar in some aspects but overall biologically different” So, you’ve been around long enough to observe this? “just because blacks share similar traits as humans does not make them human” Sorry, the scientific community says different. Unless you have some proof of your idiotic beliefs, your just a pathetic bigot swimming upstream. “at worst their ancestors may have bred with homo erectus and then stopped there, staying in that level of evolution, which they are still at today,… Read more »


    Your logic fails. If God is black AND he made man in his image, that would make black people the humans and every other race beneath THEM.


    I believe in Morgan Freeman.


    I believe in him too. And unlike other gods, we have proof that HE exists.


    haha, you are too funny. if a picture is adequate enough evidence to prove morgan freeman exists, isn’t morgan freeman adequate enough proof that God exists?? food for thought


    Food for thought? Maybe a Twinkie: They’re cloyingly sweet and addictive; on the other hand it has no nutritional value, and it can sit on a shelf forever.

    There is enough second hand evidence out there to prove that Morgan Freeman exists. We’ve seen his movies, and interviews. And if I got lucky enough to meet him, then I would have first hand (The one I shook hands with!)evidence.


    This post is so full of win that the most interesting man in the world and the Old Spice guy cry, when Morgan Freeman takes a breath.


    Morgan Freeman trumps Chuck Noris just by sighing.


    Mustangs are badass!


    That last picture came from the movie Bucket List. It’s about the part where they’re living out a a goal on the “bucket list” and they’re gonna drive around a race track basically in really nice cars.


    first one is ”Evan Almighty” (2007)
    third one is ”Wanted” (2008)
    last one is ”The Bucket List ” (2007)
    I don’t know the second one..

    contented atheist

    Hey, just in case you were still looking for that contented atheist, I’m right here. I’m not looking for a reaction. I just don’t need a supernatural being to be satisfied with my life. I grew up Roman Catholic. By then end of next semester, I will have finished 17 consecutive years of Roman Catholic education. I know Catholicism upsides and backways and frontways and downsides. I’ve studied the Bible from Q theory to writing my own twenty page exegesis. I just find it all so ridiculous. But that doesn’t make me unsuccessful or unhappy. I’m a working filmmaker, and… Read more »


    Ha! This is awesome. Great comments guys, extremely thought provoking.