…”ghostly rumble”

scan0001.jpg (2 MB)

A page from my dad’s yearbook from 1975.
Those are good ghosts.
Good job, sophomores!

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    I cannot wait for “minorities” to be the majority of the population. And I hope all faggot white supremacists get to live that long to see it.

    Robert Spam

    Oh for fuck’s sake! You’re no better than the people in that photograph. They dress in white sheets and you call people faggots.

    Hello….think McFly!


    Actually, DMYTRIW’s post is evocative of the emergent alternative to old-fashioned derogatory terms: universal irreverence. This is the same sort of “homophobia” or “racism” espoused in places like 4chan, where people are busy rendering the hurtful, nasty terms used in the past into nothing more than inane background noise, while they move forward to completely ignoring issues of what race or orientation a person may be. Run the “fag” and “nigger” memetics into the ground until they’re just words reflecting on the speaker and nothing more. Hopefully they’ll figure out that this all works for gender too at some point.… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I applaud your ability to use a computer despite you being a complete retard. Hey you should go visit some noble dark skinned people. I’ll even pay for your flight to anywhere in Africa you wanna go. I won’t pay for your AIDS meds if you live through the rape. OR we could send you to Mexico. No? Because of the 10K plus murders every year there? Ok. How about China? No? Secret AIDS epidemic there scares you? Or is the massively corrupt government? Hmmm. The middle east? Oh I know…India. Have you been immunized against getting the black plague?… Read more »


    For Christ’s Sake, just stop talking about skin color AND treat everybody the same. It’s the only way racism will go the way of the dinosaur.


    Is it really possible that high schoolers in 1975 wouldn’t be aware of KKK and their white sheets and crosses? Am I missing something? What’s the explanation?
    OP, what has your father said about this?