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Latest shoot I’ve done, thought I’d try a non-alt model/processing. Amie has no experience and was extremely nervous, but did very well considering. She also booked a shoot with me originally for her boyfriend, however they broke up the following week, so I proceeded with the shoot anyway for portfolio purposes (and making her ex feel angry in the pants).

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    These are great, saw them on DA the other day. [+* Add to Fav.]


    dude… best job ever


    Erin’s a talented dude-ette.

    Why would a boyfriend book a photo shoot? Trying to push “Amie” into the modeling biz?


    She looks so innocent, the way I like them.


    haha not really, looks used and loose

    casemods UID# 667

    Oh wow!

    You mean she had no experience just sitting down and looking at a camera?

    And she still managed to be able to…well…just sit on her lazy ass and do nothing?

    I’m astonished!

    Wow, she deserves like her own reality show or something!

    casemods UID# 667

    Also, she is cute.

    And probably on her way to being a no-talent attention whore who thinks because she’s pretty, she can get away with anything.

    “hur dur I’m a model, I am like super talented”

    Other than her being attractive, there is nothing that makes her worthy of being on this site.

    Nobody cares that this was her first time (use that line when you get some nudes of her or stick your penis in her vagina, then feel free to post here again)

    I can model 10x better than her…lol


    And yet you don’t.


    I can model 10x better than her…lol

    Yeah, but those hardcore gay spank mags will take anybody.


    Flawless victory.

    Double 00 Exia

    Nobody pick on case here. he’s just pissy because somebody else posted pictures of a human being on here and it wasn’t captain queer trying on new girl clothes. lets all give the infant his time to cry.

    Kik Dogg

    You wouldn’t look as hot in the heels though.

    Although I am sure you have tried.


    What kind of Camera & Lenses did you use?


    That’s awesome. I have the same setup as you, but I got mine from Costco & it came with 18-55 & 70-300 lenses instead. Wish it came with the 18-105, but oh well. I just picked up a 35mm f/1.8 prime lens & SB-600 flash for some food/product photography I’ll be doing for the lady. Also, did you do any post-processing in Photoshop? I’m itching to learn how to do this stuff, but I barely have any time to walk the dog, let alone learn another big ass program. These are some great pictures, do you have an flickr photostream… Read more »


    Not sure about Flickr, but I’m watching her deviantart profile


    Will do. Thanks for being so gracious in replying to all of my questions…good luck & I hope you keep on posting your awesome pics here!


    He face in that last picture… wow.


    Her. Fuck you; I’m drunk.


    We all know you are gay.


    So where does she live? I am single.

    Luke Magnifico


    Super Loco

    Wich camera you used?


    must… hold… waist…

    I’m starting to think that it would be benneficial to repeatedly sleep with very attractive girls – shouldn’t take long to figure out how to do it *ponders*

    (But … nice pics/theme, like the random curves and contrast)

    Super Loco

    oh a D90, i also have this camer but with the 18-55 and the 55-200, by the way, great pictures! great model! Congrats!

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