which headphones should I get?

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    whichever ones are the hardest to stick up your ass


    Oh man, people are going to get to hear you while you play. That’ll be a treat for them. Try the soliciting for cock down to once a session though.


    These all suck. Go for the sick ass wireless with the optical in, 7.1 surround. If one of these have that, then alright then.


    check these out
    ive been gaming for 5 years and these are the best ones ive used detachable mic so u can just use them for head phones when you have them on all you can hear is the sound coming out of them now new egg has them at a high price but i got my’n at walmart for 20bucks and it was well worth the money go get your self a pair


    Get wireless ones.


    Whichever ones will inflate your tiny self esteem enough to allow you survive another days as a worthless canker sore on the anus of humanity.

    Oh, and lest I forget, you’re still a douchebag.


    I’ve got the Gamecon 777. I’m pretty happy with it overall. The surround sound feature is only by using a USB adapter with in-line sound card, though.


    I have the GameCon 377. Audio is good enough, ear cups are large enough to fit over my ears. The open ear design allows me to hear when my dog needs to go out.

    I stay away from USB headsets. I like to be able to quickly switch to/from my headset and speakers.


    which ever ones make you look like less of a dildo…. oh wait.


    Use midget dicks in your ears


    ive got steelseries sibera’s atm. they are ok. if they break or i upgrade, will definetly go for wireless. cables suck.

    had a pair of the above steelseries ones, broke after a while. did drop them on the floor alot tho so if you’re not a retarded klutz like me you’d be fine with them i guess. comfy. siberia’s comfy too.

    also thought of getting proper headphones instead and using a seperate mic. there are some really really great headphones you can get if you go for ones w/o mic.

    good allround headset : www.sennheisercommunications.com/comm/home_en.nsf/root/headsets_PCs_gaming the 350 or 360.


    An King = douchebag


    Haha – as much as i hate this guy like the rest of you… im going to suggest none of the plantronics unless you enjoy sweating out of your ears… those things are seriously hot…

    The Dude

    Save up your allowance and buy some REAL headphones. Razer Megladon! 7.1 Surround sound BITCH