Reflection at Moraine Lake

Reflection_by_NPlusPlus.jpg (962 KB)

Taken upside down from a canoe in the middle of Moraine Lake – where Canada’s first $20 bill photo is from. Yep, this is a reflection.

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    But where are the ripples, this looks like an overhead view.


    Well shot!


    and how many mirrors did you use to get a reflection at an angle like that?


    Buuut what is this reflecting off of?




    Don’t need mirrors for a reflection like that in Moraine.
    The place is beautiful, and the waters on a good day(like we have been having) and mirror smooth.
    The color up there is amazing.


    Inate8, I don’t know much about photography, but I know the basics of perspective, how can you get a reflecting on ground level, in this case on the water, that shows the trees from ABOVE?

    When you lay on the ground, you see the from the trunk and up, you don’t see it from the treetop and down.

    This looks like a normal photo, of someone pointing the camera from a high place, horizontally towards the landscape, no sign of water (nor logic).

    Maybe the poster uploaded the wrong picture.


    You’ve never seen the water there before, the poster also said “upside down from a canoe in the middle of the lake”.
    The waters there and ^THAT^ color glacier fed/glacier silt etc make them crystal blue and very foggy, perfect environment for a mirror.
    It’s also in the rockies, so the mountains spring up all over, it’s easy to get a view like this if one wants it on a good day.


    but still, the lake/pond/river/whatever would have to be HIGHER than the trees in order to see the TOPS of them…we don’t have a problem with the uploader getting a clear reflection shot, it’s the perspective that seems impossible…


    Well then that is your biggest issue then isn’t it.
    Not understanding modified perspective.
    You’re not looking from the top down on anything, I see(maybe cuz I know where this shot was taken) a view that is showing me a reflection off of the lakes surface of the mountain rising up. There is no shoreline to see because OP didn’t grab the shore line, and in the middle of the lake it’s easy to take a shot that avoids having the shoreline reflected.


    Doesn’t matter how much I stare at it I cannot see what you guys are seeing. This apparent “looking down from above.” Quite amusing you can see it that way, though it scares me if you have your drivers license. Hahah

    Tiggle Bitties

    if you’re in a fucking canoe, why aren’t there ripples? fucking retarded.


    Did you actually zoom in, and look at the picture?
    Or just decided that shitting from your mouth was a good idea?

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