Porcupine Tree

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My favourite band

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    Just recently heard of these guys. Awesome stuff! Lead singer was on the latest Pendulum CD.


    <3 Porcupine Tree

    tiki god

    do they do music? what is this? why didn’t you put a link in? wtf, you expect me to google these guys?

    fuck it, I’ll do it

    tiki god

    oh boy, another pop rock band.

    tiki god

    that comment was based off of viewing this : www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8jm61vk2Ao


    they too are my favorite band….!!!!!!!


    Holy Crap man! I listened to the first links and the were awesome! What the hell happened there towards the end though? Suddenly it’s like all their awesome ran out and they were making more and more mainstream songs. Bleah! I’ll definitely be buying their earlier stuff, though.