1962 oil company advestisement

1962 exxon ad.jpg (215 KB)

From Humble Oil, which later changed its name to Exxon.

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    I can’t even decide what is more mind blowing, that they were bragging about melting a glacier or that they called themselves Humble Oil. It’s so surreal almost like from an alternative universe where rabbits think they are at the centre of evolution. Then again I’m sure everything as it is right now on this planet even without the rabbits should seem quite surreal to an alternative universe rabbit.


    welcome to America

    Why the fuck are you blaming the oil companies, they never done anything that bad, just a few spills here and there, nothing serious, not that big…it was the canadians falt.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    For what its worth, Humble Oil was named after Humble, Texas, where it was founded.


    I’m sure they had great pie, back in the day.


    No. Really? No way.


    Back it those time, people believe they were going through a period of global “cooling”.

    fracked again

    There were a bunch of news articles that relied on a couple of scientific papers dealing with the potential effects of cloud forming pollution, and how it was conceivable that it could overwhelm the CO2 driven greenhouse effect. The concept of global cooling leading to a new ice age wasn’t popular with climate researchers, but the hypothesis of cloud forming pollution did turn out to be very useful. It helps explain why temps started going up after clean air laws that decreased particulates and sulfates (which previously moderated the greenhouse effect), and perhaps why Chinese and Indian industry, which lacks such regulation, may be one of the few things currently holding back a sharper rise in global temps.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Hey look…bullshit from a bullshitter

    go cry about the whales elsewhere you fucking idiot

    fracked again

    Did they cover climate science in your masters level history of sculpture class?

    I know science is beyond you, or its a Jewish conspiracy from the right wing of the far left, or some such nonsense, but you could bother to do some basic reading before you poke your head into things.

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