The towers are a thing of the past

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The towers are a thing of the past. That’s what the text says big. I think the creative guy of this campaign should be fired.

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    Why’s that? I feel I’m missing something.



    Dan VK

    Apparently you haven’t met anyone from Korea or Finland. The opinion that 9/11/2001 wasn’t a big deal, or that the United States was reaping what they sowed, isn’t uncommon 🙁

    Luke Magnifico

    Can’t argue with facts.

    Super Loco

    They have to say all this shit because is a PC ad, if it would be an iMac ad, just place a pic of the iMac and its done.


    Those aren’t twin towers. I can tell by the pixels.


    eheh funnay.


    fired? I think the guy is a creative genius and deserves a medal. Just because something was sad and should not be repeated doesn’t mean nobody can talk about it, EVER!


    I would give the guy a fuckin standing ovation, you overly-sensitive prick.


    If all else fails use fire.


    Yeah, because someone in another country should be fired for referring to something on the USA.


    Oohoh hooh HOhohohohohHOhoh…

    Well, fuque you mr. butthurt America. I think it’s funny.


    I agree with you, OP. It’s not the event, It’s making light of the cold-blooded murder of thousands of people? are we okay with that? I’m sure as hell not. A counterattack, military vs military or uprising forces cs occupying forces, understandable. But anyone who says this is okay ,making light of a para-military slaughter of THOUSANDS, is either so post-modern they don’t care about human life (aka a fucking dooshbag), or a fucking dooshbag.


    Pray do tell, this book of morals that you shitheads act as if it’s implemented into our DNA from the get-go, that we HAVE to care for others and feel sympathy for people we will never know, people that will probably not care about your existence either, how long is it? We are supposed to care about others, we are supposed to stay silent if a reference to a certain day that has had no personal effect on us, out of respect, and we are supposed to be sentimental ingrates. I’m sure you’ve made an AIDS joke or something related,… Read more »


    You just can’t go around being offended by everything. 9/11 is a big deal for me and mine and to some extent all of America, but I do not expect that everyone will have the same connection. All that said, I can laugh at a good joke, even one about 9/11.


    Yea, those asses at JosePC… wait a minute… THAT’S HP! So HP just wants to appeal to their clientele per region. So what. Are you going to get upset at them and petition at HP headquarters that their “out of your region” ad campaign is offensive to you? Would you whore it out with different strategies to ensure your best quarter ever due to being driven by sale projections; which is simply a number that doesn’t exist yet, achievable by ideal circumstances, produced by pleasing the shareholders? Doesn’t responsibility of choice come with freedom of speech? If you don’t like… Read more »


    Mexico is such a shithole, I can’t blame them for having a little bit of humor.


    Green cards are a thing of the past.