Mhh geeky candies

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    Candies? Those are wedding cupcakes. 🙂


    srry, baby. the cake is a lie


    I would prefer “do{ … } while(alive);”, personally.
    Or maybe “while(alive) { … }”, since it’s reasonable to assume that dead people aren’t going to call have_and_hold() and love_and_cherish() in the event that they have a wedding.

    Oh, and I would think have_and_hold and love_and_cherish operate on the same data. Unless this is a snippet from a language with objects, the lack of parameters implies that they require global data, which is very often not a good idea. For instance, it would be difficult to extend the functions to be able to act on other people, which is a requirements change which should have been anticipated.

    tiki god

    good grief.


    The use of do{} until(death==true); means that have_and_hold(); and love_and_cherish(); are at least called once, even if you’re dead. If you’re into that sort of thing.


    what’s that thing that looks like a coatrack on the bottom level?


    that would be the USB symbol


    do until? I would want my marriage written in a better language than VB :S

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