homemaked chicken crunchwrap supremes

homemaked chicken crunchwrap supremes

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    I’d just rather drive 10 minutes to Taco Bell to have them fuck up my order instead. It’s less dishes.

    Think Tank

    I thought my Taco Bell was the only place where I could order a Chili-cheese burrito and drive away with three soft tacos. At first, I used to get mad, now it’s a nice game of dinner roulette.

    Also, not only is it less dishes, but the food comes out faster from Taco Bell, so it’s more efficient that way too.


    Also, tons of sodium and preservatives as an added bonus.



    they’re only like 2 dollars anyways


    Meh, I think it’d be cheaper to buy a couple real ones rather than spending 14 dollars on the ingredients. Plus I think they genetically modify their food to make it taste better. Something magical that happens. IT’S JUST NOT THE SAME


    not just the cost and the dishes but seriously, the time and effort would only be worth it if youre making a shitload of them, OR making them special for your girlfriend

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    If you’re making a special meal for your girlfriend, imitating Taco Bell is not the best plan.


    Half of the shit on there is pointless, let’s just grab the tortilla, cheese, and the chicken.


    spare tortilla?


    I like this. Gonna try to make it sometime.

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