Taxi Driver

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    Ooh amazing find. His Hack Number pleases me, as it pleases Tesla. Robert and Vincent Cassel prove that villains with big noses can look ridiculously swell.


    I can not argue with any of your analysis.


    I am thrilled.


    I’m a bit slow tonight (well, every night really). What does Tesla have to do with it?


    No you’re not, it’s just a bit trivial to stay in your brain. I like trivial facts about important people though so it’s all my fault. I also know that you’re as fascinated with Tesla as I am because it’s not the first time you asked me this question. Tesla was obsessed with 3s, everything had to be dividable by 3 and I just realised my mistake yes. His hack number isn’t dividable by 3 damnit. Anyway I’m not even into 3s, what I prefer is even numbers so every time I see one I hurry to check if it… Read more »


    Heh, is this proof DeNiro is a hack?


    You lookin’ at me?


    Did Jodie Foster have to get a blowjob license?

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