rambo gives flowers

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    *Plants vs Zombies joke*


    Couldn’t shoop out the bottom of the .50cal?


    We were in this bar in Saigon and this kid comes up, this kid carrying a shoe-shine box. And he says “Shine, please, shine!” I said no. He kept askin’, yeah, and Joey said “Yeah.” And I went to get a couple of beers, and the box was wired, and he opened up the box, fucking blew his body all over the place. And he’s laying there, he’s fucking screaming. There’s pieces of him all over me, just… *Takes off his bandolier* like this, and I’m tryin’ to pull him off, you know, my friend that’s all over me! I’ve… Read more »


    I love you natedog. In the same way I love lionfish. And angry yet adorable puppies. and volcanos/

    I write you a poem: it goes like this…

    natedog of the internet
    i love you like a lionfish
    and puppies that are adorable no matter how angry they get
    natedog, you.


    I poem you right back:

    Hey, looks like somebody granted a wish
    I’ve been loved like a lionfish
    By the overly awesomely sylvanish
    Cuz I try to never be casemods-ish


    he was actually blowing the shit out of these guys with the .50 machine gun… seriously, fucking bloody