Dragon Age: Origins – Thedas

thedasmap_wallpaper_1600x1200.jpg (1 MB)

A map of Thedas from Dragon Age: Origins.

Haven’t been able to put this game down since I got it.

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    Luke Magnifico

    I picked it up, blasted through it and its DLC, and haven’t touched it since.


    way to easy once you have any kinda equipment, awakenings was wicked short


    was good times on the PC until 2nd playthru on nightmare or whatever when i decided to use the respec mod. once you’re able to spec the dps ..dps and the tanks tank not much else matters.

    anywhoo good times good times.


    Played the first and really enjoyed but for some reason stopped playing toward the last 15% (seen friend at the end, wasnt far from me) – maybe a little too much rinse repeat – 5* game no doubt though and if I get bored will have to get this expansion