Armani 100% silk sport coat

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Perfect fit, I think.

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    If that makes you happy…


    Now put on your Burger King crown to go with it.


    First picture: case got cock slaped by his dad.


    Does he still live with his parents?


    sweet coat, brah

    Double 00 Exia

    god damn it this fucking faggot is back?! i thought you died man… we had over a month without you trollin here and it’s been the best month ever on mcs.


    Yeah, posting numerous pictures of you trying on clothes in front of mirrors, etc, then posting them online is about as gay as you can get without actually sucking cock.

    Kik Dogg

    Do you really believe he doesn’t also suck cock?


    Love the demonic red eyes. Is that because you sold your soul for the coat?


    OH GOD Chris Farley just came to mind.


    Who cares? With his shirt collar all messed up in the back, he looks like a prick anyway. Nice cane by the way. You really look like a pimp now, dawg!




    bit constricting in the shoulders and the buttons seem a bit high. Also never wear a shirt like that underneath.


    It always matters.


    Wait, $30 100% silk Armani?

    1) You’ve been had
    2) You should NOT have sucked dick for that
    3) Who am I kidding you sucked the dick just for fun didn’t you


    In addition to sutenvulf’s observations:
    Both the shirt and jacket sleeves are at least an inch too short.
    The lapel should come down to just below you rib cage.
    The tail of the jacket should cover your butt.
    The jacket should hang much more loosely on your frame, it looks uncomfortable.

    It’s a nice 3 button single breasted Armani silk suit, and it’s a good color, but it’s at least a couple sizes too small, and even if it was larger you would still need the shoulders and sleeves tailored to accommodate your arm length. Get your money back.

    The buttons are on the shirt for a reason, keep them buttoned even when casual, open without a tie.

    A suit like this deserves a silk tie that just touches your belt line.
    May I suggest safety orange?

    Wearing a collar in that manner didn’t even look good in the 70s, but if you really want to wear it that way, lose the T-Shirt.


    And now all together: NEVER FEED THE TROLLS!


    Douchebags, praise your king.

    Luke Magnifico

    Guys, it’s not a woman’s coat this time, he’s learning.


    Next hurdle – buying clothes that fit.

    Luke Magnifico

    Hey now, let’s not overreach ourselves.


    come on..
    he’s moved a half-step above special pants, velcro shoes and a pokemon t-shirt that all the Autistic kids wear.

    And this time he’s got the correct gender clothing too (though the woman’s coat was appropriate for a pre-op transsexual)


    Silk sports coat? What kind of sport are you going to play?


    Something w/ divots?


    dude sweet coat, you know what that needs though a dope shirt underneath. something with a little pzazz like stripes or paisley.


    Narcissistic or Histrionic Personality Disorder.


    – nice coat, but the guy wearing it is a fucking toolbox. die in a car fire you fuck.

    The Dude

    A douchebag coat for a douchebag. Fits nice & tight.. your boyfriend will just think it’s fabulous!

    Narcissistic, look it up and quit posting self shots. This use to be a nice site to dl backgrounds from until crap like this.


    Dude, you just reminded me, I`ve been meaning to post some walls.


    Pretentious and douchey? Yeah, I agree. Perfect fit.


    lol, have started to appreciate the epic troll. You guys need to get angrier.


    Eh, not angry at all here. Just amusing to poke fun at him. May make him consider his trolling successful, but he’s gonna get responses either way. Better to poke fun than get pissed.

    In all honesty, trolling doesn’t take that much skill. Maybe to not be identified as a troll does, but the measurement of success is usually whether or not you get responses. And, given the nature of the internet, that’s trivial.


    the internet is serious business


    LOL. You look like Tubbs from Miami Vice.


    To be honest I’m not sure why people hate this guy so much. He clearly loves the attention…so why not give it up? Let’s dissect this wonderous photo shall we?

    The really fucking hilarious part is that he clearly lives in the world’s shittiest apartment (based on the closet space…ps nice dinosaur poster up top you 4 year old) or he lives with his parents who likely eat Ramen to help support this guy’s burger king and Coleco addiction.

    I draw the group’s attention to about 12 versions of the same oversized white and black shirts. Way to mix it up. The best part of the closet is that he even hangs up his old white tshirts to make it look like he has an actual wardrobe in there.

    So as shit broke as he clearly is the big question is why the fuck would you waste even 2 pennies on that ugly ass nordstrom rack knock off suit coat? The only chicks that he’s picking up in that sweet ensemble are the goatherds at 3am that smell like syphyllis, broken dreams and bacterial vaginosis.

    Seriously? Keep posting this guy. It provides countless hours of entertainment and I think the ammount of intellectual abuse that can be levelled at this guy could truly be epic if we all put in some serious effort around here.


    ps…the guy who told him to die in a car fire may be my favorite person on this post.

    Jesus Christ

    I think you’d look absolutely stunning in navy/a darker blue.
    No, for real. This is actual /fa/ advice, from Jesus to you.

    Jesus Christ


    … Post it. >:3c


    Would you guys get upset if I waste bandwidth with photos of my flipflops and Hawaiian shirt collection? Digi camera is waiting.


    if we could exchange you posting those pics up for his then yes


    What is it w/ you and the baggy jeans?


    Why not pull the whole outfit together?





    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Aside from being the douche not in black at a funeral where the fuck will your sorry meth smoking ass ever where a sport coat?

    You might as well have bought a fucking Darth Vader helmet since all you’ll ever use that for is playing pretend by yourself when your dad is outside getting high trying to forget your mom left you two when the compound of loser started giving her ovarian bleeding.

    This worked out to be a much longer post than initially planned.

    Mad props on buttoning that shit right, mi hermano.


    Five problems with this entry:
    1st – You are still douchebag.
    2nd – The jacket doesn’t fit you
    3rd – You look gay in these pictures (although that’s probably not the jacket’s fault)
    4th – No one cares other than you, your mom, and your warty aunt.
    5th – You are STILL a douchebag (yes this is actually the same problem as #1 but it was such a huge issue it needed to be said twice)

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    His mom left when he was born.


    Not to my taste but you do manage find some decent stuff in thrift stores.


    Didn’t it only become defective after you had tried it on?


    I thought I was the only person who hated this guy! I mean, I don’t hate you, but I am deeply, intensely annoyed by your constant need for people to approve of your wardrobe. Nobody cares that you got a new shirt! Also, that jacket is clearly too small for you.


    I don’t think his need is for approval. Some sort of attention, I guess, but not sure what.


    I hope he gets Christopher Hitchens cancer and dies horribly and painfully


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