I fight back the urge

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    Obvious fake handwriting font is obvious.
    And generic, shy, self-doubting attitude is generic.
    I remember a time where I’d have let out a longing sigh after reading something like this… Now I just think “Make your move like you’ve got a pair”


    I fight back the urge
    to murder you
    telling myself that
    your just another whiny emo among thousands
    wasting their time wishing and whining when they should be doing.




    People like this are the reason why I refuse to own a fellytone.


    wtf is a fellytone?


    You know one of those little devices people used to use to communicate with others over a great distance but have now mostly resorted to using it for things like letting every stranger around them know that they enjoy awful music, when someone calls. Or to type short obscure messages using only fragments of their language and then send them to the person that is sitting right next to them, etc.


    My ring tone is the Ping Island Theme from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and I always make sure my text messages are grammatically correct. I actually urge myself not to talk to people that use that shitty shorthand.


    As do I. This is why someone will get several texts that actually comprise one large text from me.

    Luke Magnifico

    My ringtone is the theme from Stingray, because it says “STANDBY FOR ACTION”, and then I stand by for action, and answer the phone.

    stingraaaaaaaaay stingray


    I don’t get it. Am I supposed to read the only the highlighted? Is it an ad-lib? Should I read it through a mirror?


    Whats interesting is, that the comments here suggest the text above is from someone longing for a girl afar, but my perception of the text led me to the conclusion that it’s from someone who went through a break-up recently.


    Tiki needs a hug, and a kick in the arse.


    Every day, I hate people that use ‘everyday’ incorrectly.