the new German president and his wife

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    no wai!


    nice how that salute has been around for hundreds of years since the ancient roman empire and yet people can only EVER remember it from those mere 12 years of hitler using it


    agreed, as a German I am certainly tired of traveling, and as soon as people know where I am from, they say Hitler and do this stupid salute…all nations have had bad leaders make bad decisions, just because Germany had one that was more public doesn’t mean it deserves more ridicule. Hell, in the short US history they have been responsible for the deaths and displacement of tens of millions of people around the globe. But I suppose the general US population isn’t intelligent enough to know their own history, and the far reaching effects of their leaders decisions.


    Although I agree that it’s primitive, that’s just people being people. I have an American friend who came to Europe, after a couple days he started lying to everyone and said he’s from Canada because everyone’s first reaction would be, “oh you’re from America so you must be a patriotic warmonger, right?” Besonders Deutsche haben das immer wieder benützt um Witze zu machen. Es ist halt viel schwieriger jedem Menschen eine faire Chance zu geben.

    Yet more reson why europe should be boomed.


    lol… that’s American pride in action: calling yourself Canadian abroad. The Other North American. And once you get back home, you spend your time laughing at and belittling Canada… what a beautiful relationship we have…

    I just hope that little trick doesn’t get abused too much. wait… WTF AM I TALKING ABOUT O.O

    There’d already be a shortage of that if one could drill the stuff…

    The silly thing is that many people aren’t like their political leaders… whether you’re looking at your favorite national flag or someone else’s


    People know about it… it’s just that some are far too nationalist to admit the USA has made horrible decisions in more than one place… here and abroad.


    The Nazis also ruined a perfectly good wardrobe too…


    i hate them for ruining theglorious roman iconography. the eagle, the salute, the beautiful cross… the sheep are so short sighted they don’t realize they say “hail mary” in their prayers


    Shit, all of fascist Europe had that roman salute. People only remember the Germans using it, tho.


    The Nazis had the best PR team –

    fracked again

    The US used it, too.

    These two are just waving. Whats the big deal?


    I am pretty sure these people are just waving.


    Of course they are – a German leader making blatant references to the Nazis in this day and age would be political suicide – if not actual suicide.


    …you can’t even get Wolfenstein games in Germany from my understanding… I don’t think any German leader would make that kind of statement without it being world news and, no offence to the tiki gods here, not an awkward picture on MCS 🙂


    on the flip side, Germany is slightly anti-usa, hence why it banned that game “Command and Conquer: Generals” because that game was too much like the USA’s war in the middle east


    Are you kidding me? Germany is easily the most Americanized country in Europe, we for the most LOVE Americans, other than the dumb soldiers that get drunk at our bars and start fights.


    I had a grand time at this little hole-in-the-wall cafe in Leipzig watching the World Cup games. 😀


    C&C Generals was remade for Germany due “Due to the upcoming Iraq war” at the time and was released as “Command & Conquer: Generäle” with different GLA units. The full ban was only in China from what I understand, despite the generally positive depiction of China in the series. China however may have provided this astonishing object of discussion: I would understand that any American would be outraged at this. I can also understand Russia and countries in the Middle East being pissed at Modern Warfare 2. Eitherway, US isn’t above banning something either. And there’s plenty of good… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Holy shit

    thats a huge door


    I’m from Australia, and he’s more attractive than my Prime Minister.


    She’s just looking for one of her good friends. Have any of you seen Kyle?


    His about this tall?