The Evolution of Nintendo’s Game Controllers

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They peaked with the snes controller way back in 1991. It has all been downhill from there.

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    The new Wii classic controller is pretty cool.


    The PS2/PS3 controller is the best, IMO. I like the SNES one too but it was way too fragile.


    Damn what did you do to your controllers? I had 2 original controllers that lasted me until i sold the console. I only had a snes in reality to play street fighter II and mario kart but my controllers never broke.


    I had an NES Advantage.


    N64 controller + “GoldenEYE”, the original “southpaw” config. I know alot of rightys that play southpaw on modern games due to it.

    My fav controller, original XBOX , the “DUKE” It’s massive, but I have big paws. The thing is practically indestructible. It’s the only controller that has survived “gamer’s rage” in my house.


    I have to agree with you on both accounts. It took me a long time to get used to later games due to so much GoldenEye, and the Xbox controller was by far the most comfortable I’ve ever used. The PS1/2/3 controller is as cramped and uncomfortable as the Gamecube one for me.


    I liked the Dual Shock’s size since it allowed me to do awkward positions on that controller with the major fingers on the triggers, the indexes on the upper/outer face buttons/d-pad and thumbs on the rest… not so easy on other controllers…


    Gamecube controller has exactly the same amount of face buttons as the Dual Shock or 360 controller, and one less shoulder button. I’m not sure how that’s cramming.


    Because the Z button was as awkward as a trekkie in a porn store?


    also it looks like they just shit the buttons out and left them there.