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Lucas is a cunt.


I want to see this go to court…

Lucas own the rights to a fictitious weapon….
THIS is a REAL Laser device….

Just change the name and face him in court for all of us…


But there’s no need to change the name. NONE of the company’s own advertisings refer to it as a “lightsaber”. The vague resemblance to a lightsaber hilt is all they have. OUTSIDE SOURCES refer to it as a lightsaber…


i’m so hard right now


why would lucas not want to sell lightsabers?

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Now I know it’s way too expensive.


Lucas is a money grubbing whore


And this is news? :p


I really want one of these but I have no reason to own one and I would probably just hurt myself or others with it, but still I really want it.

casemods UID# 667


$50 would be a good price.

$200 is insane.


…you really have no idea of the cost of the components and the precision crafting needed to make a laser that powerful.


“I really want one of these…”

What for? Blast stuff from orbit?

Dude, it’s 1-watt laser!


Lucas is not suing because they made a laser. I mean, come on guys. The issue is that this thing looks exactly like a lightsaber. NOT because it is a cylinder with a light on the end. Look at ANY lightsaber from ANY character. It’s obvious.

If you made a cigar lighter that looked just like the Enterprise or a Porche 911 and sold it, you would get sued. It doesn’t matter if it’s a real working object or a fictional one, it’s the image that is protected.


Unless Lucas can show development drawings from ILM that look exactly like this thing, or they uncover an internal memo from Wicked Lasers saying “…we’ll make it look just like a lightsaber”, he doesn’t stand a chance in court.




Anyway this thing should never be considered as toy/gadget…
this thing IS dangerous in any hands and WickedLasers should be sued for not showing proper warnings! Just look at article and comments here:
wonder what kind of market they were aiming to sell this… the only use of laser at home I come up with is popping popcorn… one by one (like they did in Mythbusters) or torturing ants like kids used to do with magnifying glass, because all this thing do IS BURN STUFF.
Totally useless


This is bullshit anyway.

1) The lightsaber is a fucking LETHAL FLASHLIGHT. Did George Lucas invent the fucking flashlight? Because that’s what a lightsaber is. It’s a cylinder with a battery inside that you press a button to emite light from one end!

2) The lightsaber isn’t a laser. It’s described as a looped blaster pulse, and since blaster shots travel at sublight speeds, they’re obviously some kind of particle beam, and thus NOT A LASER.