Bad music

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    ugh. earpuke, nasty.


    This is more disturbing than the pole-humping raptor.


    this is what happens to me when i hear any rap or hiphop


    You’ve been exposed to to rap and hip hop 24/7 since birth?


    No he became aware of it only after he’s been taught to disapprove of anything that comes from black people. Too bad there was nobody there to properly teach him what kind of people influenced the rock he listens to.

    *throws a banana at Kommissar’s CD collection*

    Oh wait I’m sure there were drugs involved too and we all know how much Kommi loves marijuana.

    *throws a weed banana muffin at Kommissar’s CD collection*


    I disagree. To be that stupid requires time. So, unless he’s an old man, it started at birth…or maybe in the womb. 😉


    Reminds me of that Fresh Prince episode where Will put headphones on his aunt’s belly when she was pregnant so the baby would have good taste in music. God knows what our Kommissar has been listening to in the womb.


    a weed banana muffin sounds delicious.


    i never said blacks, just rap and hiphop

    i’d gladly oven bake Eminem like a cookie regardless how white he is


    Yeah because you don’t approve of white people who imitate black people or adopt their culture either, same shit different name. I believe you call white people who are sympathetic toward anything non white, “traitors.”

    Like you care about the artistic merit of anything above your bigotry, don’t make me laugh.

    Tiggle Bitties

    i luvs me a good rapper, specially the white ones 😀

    the new recovery album is good

    as with any genre, there is shit and there is gold. i’m not here to judge as long as it ain’t too loud and i can hear my own music. that girl would be hot if she weren’t ear barfing.


    I don’t like rap either. I don’t give a shit who it comes from it’s not what I wanna listen to.


    Yeah, not the point.

    Think Tank

    Puking in the sink… smooth move.


    Sure it’s not ear-tubgirl?


    that happens when you listen reggeton

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