Meanwhile, in China

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    This seems like a good idea to me, and they have a designated marksmen as well.


    I like tacticool Tommy in the back there.




    Dont make fun of this guys, its for you. You know all of you out there who dont know shit about weapons and think there cool if you see a chick holding one. The problem is these guys just dont know their audience, if their were hot women in bikinis riding segways with submachineguns and assualt rifles, all you idiots would be nom nom it and saying how fucking cool and sexy it was.


    This post is OM NOM NOM


    I have not seen any vid of this system in practice, seems interesting. I would hope they would add a shield on the front to deflect incoming rounds. Also, eagerly awaiting the “hot women in bikinis riding segways with submachineguns and assualt rifles”.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Shut the fuck up you stupid gook.

    If hot chicks in bikinis were on little bikes it’d be a silly picture with hot chicks.

    This shit is real and tiny dicked little motherfuckers like you with equally undersized weapons are riding around on bar stools with wheels. Give them real guns and they’d probably go straight backwards onto their asses every time they fired.

    The problem is China. Its a massively corrupt shithole that is either directly or indirectly responsible for everything currently wrong in the world and we’ll all be better off when the government there is ousted or the whole country becomes an unfortunate memory.

    The Chinese government has been calling everyone on for way too long. They should be forced to instill proper labour legislation, revalue their currency so its fair, and adopt proper copyright laws or be completely cut off from the rest of the world in every way like North Korea. Immediately.


    China cut the rest of the world off the few hundred years during the middle age already.


    wow you are so smart, all of your ideas are as practical as they are implementable. This my favorite qoute:

    “The Chinese government has been calling everyone on for way too long” what does that even mean?

    Yeah they should instill decent labor practices (not labour you sack of shit limey) but I dont know how you force a country todo this short of going to war with them. Same for the currency valueation (which hurts their citizens as much as it helps exports). Sanctions have only a limited effect and China has quite a few economic weapons it could use to retailate.

    Isolating North Korea is easy because North Korea isolates itself, its not like the global community wants that. And even if the United States wanted to isolate China, which would be devasting to the US economy, why would the rest of the world follow suit? From past experiances the rest of the world does not react well to American foriegn policy unilaterism. And really I would say China as a nation is not nearly has bad as some of the other 3rd world authoriatian dictorships out there (dont you fuck with Africa and leave them out).

    So the real question is why do you have such a hard on for china, i have seen closeted self hating gays who had less of a irrational hatred then you.


    “A delicious reply” said the troll, with a satisfied belch. Now what’s for dessert?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Well genius first of all only your faggot country spells shit wrong. I’m Canadian. We along with every other English first speaking country on the planet call it labour. So blow me.

    What6 does that even mean? It means when they shoot down a US spy plane and refuse to return it they’re calling America on. When they admit they have slave labour and are reinventing slavery in Africa they’re calling everyone on. I’m not surprised you don’t know what it means. Its like when you go into a bathroom and tap the stall or something when you want to blow a stranger and spread your diseases. You’re calling him on. Only China doesn’t want a blowjob. It wants 1/5th of the worlds natural resources because its has 1/5th the population. According to their own government.

    North Korea isolated itself out of necessity. That’s like a summary dismissal. You can’t force someone into that position and then say it was their own doing when it happens.

    Currency valuation (or lack there of) hurts their own people…in mainland China. Hong Kong then boasts about how much money they make.

    Why do I have such a hard on for China? Because I know more than you. I have seen children with better understanding of the world than you.

    Oh and my city is also 53% Chinese now. I kind of know a lot of them and they agree. So fuckoff.

    fracked again

    Did you know Maggie was a Canadian? From Canadia? Because he is.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ya you know because you’ve made the same stupid self important assumption before and tried the tired and fucking laughably stupid “hey redneck, trailer, Fox news etc” because someone has to be less educated and have less money than you to have a different opinion. Except I have more of both and come from a family with more of both. Also yes I’m Canadian.

    So your poor, pathetic usual notebook of knee jerk responses are DOA. Now you’re just limping around after me trying to be a fag.

    Why don’t you go look up some stuff for us to pass off as your own casual knowledge later. Thanks. No rush coming back.

    You succeeded in

    Hey sweet! Extra text I didn’t type!

    fracked again

    I only pointed it out because its damn near all you talk about. That and I knew it would piss you off. Damn, you are too easy. Your other main topic is how you lust after me, and how you would love to reverse our relationship to where you get to be the top just once. Not gonna happen. You are a receptacle, and that is all you will ever be.

    It is extremely likely that you are less educated than me, but that money is no descriptor of value for me. Furthermore, people can have whatever opinion that they like, and I can disagree with them.

    You are projecting your own hatred of people with any opinion onto me, as well as your constant attempts to talk yourself up by ranting about how anybody who draws your ire is poor, retarded, gay, etc etc.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I have two undergrads and a masters.

    Your desperate need for control in an internet comment section is depressing and I feel bad for you or anyone who has to care if you die or not like maybe your parents.

    Money is no descriptor of value? No one cares about your delusions or how you justify being such a massive failure.

    I don’t need to project anything. You’re just another pebble to kick around on here when I’m bored or need distraction.

    People can have opinions? Wow thanks for your permission, asshat.

    I addressed your usual attempts at barfing up the pedestrian bullshit accusations I always see from cowardly little bitches like you. Poor you now you don’t have anything left to say back?

    FOX NEWS FOX…oh wait. He already killed that one. lol

    If I make fun of a post about poor people you shit. If I make fun of retarded people you shit. If I call you a fag you shit. Who is too easy again?

    Why don’t you try the affeminive faux homo shit that’s never funny or clever. Maybe this time someone will think something about you other than “wow what a fucking retarded ass poor little faggot”.

    fracked again

    I still win, I have a PhD. 😀

    Wealth is a poor descriptor of a person’s value. I know good poor people and disgusting rich ones and vice versa. But hey, Paris Hilton is rich, so she must be wonderful, right?

    You throw a fit when people have opinions, over and over again, you do this. You then try to claim that I want to prevent people from having certain opinions. You simply aren’t internally consistent in your beliefs or actions.

    You build strange conspiracy theories to empower yourself against a world in which you feel powerless, one that doesn’t value your evidence free worldview.

    You may not need to project your failings onto others, but you definitely do it. And I’m not the coward who changes his name and icon repeatedly when people get tired of him.

    Affeminive? What is that even supposed to be? Is your masters in making up words?

    As for Fox news, your daily fits are why so many people accuse you of watching it. Its funny.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Bullshit everywhere.

    Somebody come clean this idiot up.

    What’s your PHD in? I’m guessing it ain’t medicine. You have a PHD in BS.

    I change my name and what is called a gravatar because I like to. A lot of people on here do. They also remark how they post less because they’re tired of reading asinine responses from you, you stupid fucking prick.

    You’re a headcase and I’m glad I get you so riled up where you have to take deep breathes so you can keep pretending you’re so aloof.

    Paris Hilton has family money…but she also has cars WORTH (as in value) more than your entire life’s possessions combined. He who dies with the most toys wins and he who lives with the least is a loser. That’d be you, fuckface.

    You’re a cowardly little bitch who bullshits out of necessity even on the internet. I wonder how much you lie in your sad little real life?

    Sorry about the word out of nowhere. I’m typing in 3 windows and at the time on a phone too. I meant effeminate. You’re an effeminate faux homo when you’re trying to gain some kind of elitist position on here.

    Now you’re trying to bounce back the same reaction people have to you onto me.

    You’re just pathetic and the biggest evidence of that is you used to upvote every one of your own posts and downvote mine. After I pointed it out you stopped.

    Or did you mean for that to play out that way? lol Now that’s funny.

    As for Fox News…people accuse anyone on here who isn’t a left wing faggot of being some Fox News drone. Its simply the other way around. I’ve never seen the channel but I checked the site and as I’ve said many times people like you are 10000X worse. They lie every now and then. All you do is lie.

    Oh and nice try and moral justification for being some poor cubicle jockey. I bet you meant to have a shitty life all along and the joke is really on the rest of the world. lol

    fracked again

    Toxicology. Without mooks like me, there is no medicine.

    I’m keeping people off M[C]S? Really? Could you offer proof? Any at all? And regardless, why should that bother me? The internet isn’t a place for shrinking violets. If Tiki would like me to chill, I can do that. Personally, I think you are a liar.

    He who dies with the most toys dies. Just like everybody else. Economic materialism is a system that rarely produces any lasting happiness. I am not surprised that you subscribe to it. You probably are a solipsist, as well. Its sad, really.

    I’m still downvoting your comments and upvoting mine on these little games we play, don’t worry, but I had missed a couple. Thanks for reminding me!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Also I mention it every time someone tries the whole “you don’t think like I do therefore you are a redneck Nazi trailer trash etc”.

    If it seems repetitive maybe you should address your dipshit peers?

    You and your kind would place much more importance on material goods if you could actually afford anything decent.

    Instead you bullshit. All the fucking time.

    Your whole life is bullshit and no matter what you say here, there, or anywhere you still see it even when you don’t want to.

    FACT: it really does suck to be you

    fracked again

    Heh, I do fine, don’t worry Mags.

    But you are a redneck. People call it as they see it, and its clear as day that you are no different than some good ol’ boy named Cooter, drooling out tobacco juice from his slack jaw.

    The only difference is how obvious it is that you love the cock. Nobody is so homophobic as a closet case con like yourself.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Sure you do. 😐 You do fine and its all on purpose cause you’re just so smart.


    I’m a redneck! Of course! And how so do I fit that definition? Because I don’t agree with you? lol

    Oh I’m gay too? You might as well tell me I don’t tolerate little pussy ass faggots like you because I’m secretly a unicorn that breaths fire.

    What’s clear is you’re some weird little loser who is constantly full of shit and seems to get hard over me making him look like even more of a fucking loser than he does himself.

    Go back to doing fine. You have to be up early tomorrow to ride your bicycle to work like 1 0 year old with a fucking paper route. How’s that supposed PHD look hanging on the all of your studio apartment?

    fracked again

    Yes, you are a redneck, and a closet case. You write like a redneck, curse like a redneck, think like a redneck and one can only come to the conclusion that you are a redneck. Why else would so many people label you as one? Or is it a left wing plot to get you fired due to criticism from right wing pundits?

    And I would wager, based on the sheer volume of your constant homophobia that you are running from your own love of the penis. And even if you aren’t gay, but are just a dick, I just love the reaction that pointing out such things as the 1996 UGA study published in Journal of Abnormal Psychology showed that 80% of homophobes get aroused (54% get full boners) when watching gay porn while non homophobes don’t. Just so you know, I knew about the study, but had to look it up to give credit where credit is due. I could give you a link to the study, but unless you have access to a university library that subscribes to the journal, you would have to pay $12 to read it, and that might make you affeminive.

    Studio apartment? Heh. I suppose thats supposed to get me into a dick measuring game comparing what we own? I already outclassed you with my PhD. I own my home and only bike because I like it, plus the health benefits are great. I only wish I worked closer to home so I could ride my bike to work like I did when I was in grad school.

    A fire breathing unicorn, thats just silly. Wait, was that you at Comic-Con?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I don’t think this site can handle your bullshit. It won’t allow for replying to your latest pile.

    I forgot you live in buttfuck nowhere. You probably own a real impressive house worth about as much as a used Chevy.

    You don’t want credit this time for your googling? Is it because you don’t want people to know how much research you’ve done on fags? That sure is an air tight argument…a cross section of probably 20 guys who volunteered to watch gay porn and got aroused. lol

    By your logic then you must really love right wing political voters. You must absolutely love people who don’t bullshit their ways through life.

    You ride your bike to work cause you like it…riiiiiiiiiiiight. I believe I already addressed your bullshit reasoning on justufying being a poor failure.

    Enjoy your mortgage and being stuck in your wee little burb. Though I’m sure you’ll just try and bullshit about that now too.

    You sound like casemods but without the sense of humour. At least he can laugh at himself.

    You’re just pathetic.

    He has a GED. I guess your PHD isn’t serving you all too well. Now what is it in? You never did say.

    Get back to voting up your own comments now. lol

    fracked again

    Can’t be bothered reading can you, Maggie? Just scroll up.

    Your reading comprehension is terrible. I shouldn’t be stunned, but I am. And its simply pathetic that after all this time you haven’t figured out how the comment threading works.

    Tell you what. I like M[C]S and I like the way Tiki is running it. If I’m hurting his business, I’ll go. Just go ask him.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I think its you who doesn’t get this system yet, dipshit.

    Gee really if the owner wants you to leave you will? Pretty sure thats entirely up to him.

    I’d have blocked your IP range long ago.

    You’re full of shit. Again.

    Thanks for taking the time to vote on the posts. Probably the most productive thing you did all day.

    fracked again

    Yeah, I don’t get the system, but you keep bleating about not being able to reply to specific comments. That makes perfect sense.

    Wow, you got it. It isn’t your site and it isn’t mine, either. I’d leave in a heartbeat if I thought I was hurting Tiki’s financial means of support, just because I’m a decent human being. In fact, do me the favor of not wasting my time just this once and get some of the people that I have supposedly run off to tell me so and I’ll go. I’m making it real easy here, Marge.

    Oh, and its interesting how somebody votes my posts down and yours up, isn’t it? More projection?


    You rage too hard for a picture with asians on segways equipped with tiny guns.
    -from a fellow canadian who lives in a city that’s 53% chinese.


    Seems like a more stable platform to shoot from instead of shooting between steps. Don’t know how the segway would handle rifle recoil.


    I wonder if it would look like the ol’ “weeble wobble”. They wobble, but they don’t fall down!


    steering with their knees


    Steering is by primarily accomplished by shifting the riders weight.
    With a full shield, this doesn’t seem like such a bad idea, though, it would take a LOT of practice to compensate for any recoil.
    The D.O.D. has reportedly mounted different types of armament on remote-control automated Segways, for use in field tests.


    I just want to know what that tiny gun is. It’s nice and child sized. I can’t think of a better gift an uncle like me can give.


    think I found it…


    OK that is a small weapon. At first glance I thought “Damn that dude is HUGE to make an AK look that small…” Ah well. So much for the hope that there is a Segway out there big enough for me….


    Nice find.


    I highly doubt they are really meant to be actually firing from it, more a faster/less strenuous means of getting around in an urban environment before dismounting to cover etc. (Assuming active shooters vs just standard police patrol.)


    I believe they could. There is not much force in a round. The recoil from a bolt action is the same as the force when the round hits a target. In movies the guys hit go flying, not true to the reality of it.
    Experiment: Take your auto-loader 9mm or .45 and place your thumb on the back of the slide. Fire, the slide does not go into battery, the brass is left in the chamber. Like a bolt action. Your little thumb can absorb that “impact”. Check this out, the targets use mechanical assistance to go over, not due to the impact of the round.


    You should have considered that earlier!
    Bwahahahahaha hahaha ha hee! *giggle*

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