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    Think Tank

    Spoiler alert: Life Model Decoys are a crutch for poor writing ability.

    fracked again

    There was an Invaders / Avengers crossover wherein the LMDs, hacked by Ultron, convinced the original Human Torch (an android) that they were intelligent life like him. It was a surprisingly good use of them.

    Think Tank

    Yeah, as soon as I hit enter I thought of like 2 or 3 other stories where they were pretty well used, like the army of Nick Furys too, but in this instance, the second I turned that last page, my immediate thought was this is bullshit.


    Yep, “it’s not the character I set it up to be and everyone guessed early, because there were on screen at the same time. Oh, wait yes it is ’cause LMD’s and that’s the only way it makes sense.”

    The worst part is the first few issues were truly promising, until the dragged out plot just got ridiculous.




    Me prefer GULK (gray or green)!