pre-exisiting condition, lol

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    i dont get the punchline

    actually, i get the punchline, i just don’t get why they are using it in a jesus pic? i mean, i get jesus humor, but this joke seems a bit flawed


    Because if all the people who claim they love Jesus truly did so, you’d be the most socialist nation on the planet.

    Do they consider mortality a pre existing condition yet? Tehee. No really, I love Jesus. I say this as a dirty dirty liberal socialist.


    You forgot: hot and jew, silly woman.

    Jesus is god and put them in that position. LOL


    so jesus here does not represent jesus, but represents christians?

    that does make it make more sense, so until someone comes up with a better explanation (which i doubt), i will go with it.

    and yes, i would take Jesus Socialism any day of the week.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I think its just supposed to be a jab at the insurance companies.

    If you have a pre existing condition they won’t pay your bill right? Well Jesus would have done it for free. Except he used magic though I guess thats what would be required for America to afford universal health care. That’s okay….there’s a whole quotient who live in the land of make believe.

    Anything else inferred is nonsense.


    Republican Jesus.

    Jesus Christ

    Bitches don’t know about my conservatism.

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