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    FAIL Project Orion is a system whereby a vehicle is propelled by nuclear explosions behind/under it. One of the maddest and most impressive designs, it requires no leap forward in technology, it can be done with 1950 tech and a brute force approach. If we launched Orion vehicles from high Earth/Luna orbit we could be mining the asteroid belt right now (I’ll volunteer, but when you guys trick casemods into signing up he’d better not be on my ship, or we’re coming back one “man” short. Space travel is always a desire to get as far as possible from douchebags,… Read more »

    Luke Magnifico

    Jesus christ you make my brain bleed



    The fictional Orion is indeed propelled forward by nuclear explosive thrust; and If I remember correctly, it’s method of reaching space was via a booster rocket.

    Just what is it about these pictures that warrants your “FAIL” proclamation? Nothing here disputes your claim; or did you just want to shoot off your mouth?


    The ORIGINAL and ONLY Orion spacecraft:

    Your brain is bleeding because our space exploration has been stalled ever since the Shuttle program started its worthless short-sighted life.

    A half-baked plan to plant a flag on Mars is just a way to dump money into the wrong gravity well.

    Screw Mars, go asteroid mining!