eve ship interior

eve ship interior

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    No Drake comparison? Buffer tank kicks ass with a Drake.


    It doesn’t have a passive tank comparison, no drake.


    It shows effective HP dude, hence buffer.


    I thought the whole point of a capsule ship was it didn’t have a crew?


    i thought so too, but the fiction (i actually.. read the books :/ ) points to otherwise. apparently they need crew to.. i don’t know what, exactly. oil the door hinges(which they wouldn’t need without crew) and dust the place once in a while, or something. maybe load the guns, manage the cargo, and make sure that the oh-so-precious cap’n-in-a-can is OK, despite that the pod pilots don’t give a shit about their crew and will blow up their own ship for insurance money or fly it into a suicide mission just for kicks or cash. i always thought that… Read more »


    The fiction I read seemed to indicate that capsule piloting revolutionized the whole concept and previously crew run ships were then retrofitted. I could be wrong, though.