what the tea party protesters are really trying to say

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    What the fuck are you even talking about?


    Well, the american demographic seems to break down generally into six groups: poor black people poor hispanic people poor asian people poor native american people poor white people and rich white people The tea partiers are poor white people who see the democrats accusing the other rich white people of taking advantage of the minorities, and then taxing the rich white people to give handouts to all the poor people except the poor white people, because they “are not as at-risk” due to reverse-racism. The rich white people have more or less put it in plain english that poor white… Read more »


    Racism is racism, the reverse of racism is not being racist. When you say reverse racism, you are implying that racism is a behavior that is only attributed to white people, with the reverse being all other peoples and their racism. And this is just racist, it doesn’t matter what race you are, racism is racism.


    Agreed, but there prolly should be a distinct term for those who are racists, yet part of the group w/ the power to enforce racism. What’s frustrating is that some of the most racist people in the world go on to claim that they are the victims of racism, by the very group that they had perpetrated extreme levels of racism upon.


    There is a distinct term – hypocrites

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    That comment sucks. Get out of your burb fucko. Check out Atlanta. Pleeenty of rich ass black people there. Miami? Rich spaniards as far as your blue eyes can see. Hell even Texas has rich ass Mexicans. I think what this cartoon is commenting on is rich white people who aren’t rich anymore putting their hands out for the various tax contributions they made and finding the pot is empty because America isn’t used to having a bottomed out middle class. There’s no structure to care for the new poor because the old poor are still working on not being… Read more »

    Alec Dalek

    Tea Parties are for little girls.

    Alec Dalek

    And insane haberdashers.


    Whoa if it isn’t the smug Canadian who taught me Godwin’s law! Welcome back.


    Canadians are Nazis.


    Is this supposed to be a test. Are these my finals? Uh.. YOU JUST BROKE WINDOG’S LAW. Game over. And even if you had won the princess would be in another castle.


    Silly rednecks don’t realize that their welfare checks have to come from SOMEWHERE . . .


    I still don’t see how a modern day “tea party” could be possible without a bunch of blind retards running it. Does anyone know the bases of the first tea party? and how the fuck does this have to do with being white?

    fracked again

    Non white tea partiers are a rarity.

    The teabaggers have representation, just not the representation that they want.


    Yeah seriously. The original one in Boston was to protest taxes being to LOW for the East India Company. Go figure.


    No, it was part of the larger discourse as to whether British subjects not in England had the same rights as those subjects who were in England. The British subjects in America felt that earlier victories for securing the rights of British subjects were being subverted by parliament; the taxes parliament were levying were just the most memorable for American culture, but not the only issue.


    The Beer Party. Woot! Woot! Woot!




    I would like to found a BEAR PARTY. Nobody would dare fuck with us. We bring bear cavalry to our rallies!


    If you call it the Bear Party, you will probably only attract large, hairy gay dudes.