why there were riots

here’s a picture of a cop with his taser out.  later, he put the taser away and shot a dude in the back, killing him.  In front of dozens of other people, several of whom had cell phone camera trained on him.

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    Bad cop was horribly trained. Real cops shouldn’t even have to carry around a taser. A gun and a baton should be enough to do the job. “Protect and Serve.” He did neither.


    lol i live a few minutes from that station


    I first saw this I thought it was for a moive.

    He kinda looks like Ed Norton

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Is that the guy who thought he had his taser out again and shot the guy by accident when he tried to get up?

    I think he just got 2 – 4 years for manslaughter.


    Yep, that’s him. Bad, bad situation.


    I’m sorry, but how to do you confuse a gun for a taser? Because I’ve healf both. Tasers aren’t as heavy as a gun, aren’t the same shape as a gun, and have a different trigger weight than a gun. I don’t care how hectic the situation is, I’m going to know if I’ve got a taser or a gun in my hand. Shouldn’t be manslaughter. Should be murder.


    … held both… I can’t spell, my argument is irrelevent.


    He needs to die.


    A once a decade shitstorm is forthcoming.


    And once again, we’ll wonder if we really are a first world country.


    More like a police state.


    With the amount of people that are homeless, working under a living wage, without healthcare and the vast distance between poor/middle/rich. That’s debatable. Are we living in a new type of feudalism? Also debatable.


    Why? Because every once in a while something like this happens? Welcome to Earth and the Human race.


    So i’m ignorant on the subject, but how close is a taser usually kept to the firearm?

    And shouldn’t the safety be on for just such an occurance?


    From the cops I see it’s on the opposite side of where you gun would be, so your non-dominant arm. Plus the grip for it points forward, so you have to turn your arm in to grab it. Plus it’s generally lime green or yellow.


    Plus if the gun is a glock the safety is in the trigger. It usually makes the gun safer.


    Cops usually have three different safeties on. Besides, a cop shooting a guy in the back is fishy as hell.


    Damn straight, Puulaahi.

    tiki god

    from what I hear, it’s no where near their pistols. also, it’s a completely different weapon, so you would know which one you have out


    AFAIK, they’re kept on opposite sides of the belt.


    I thought as much. No wonder people are raging, the “whoops, my bad” line of defense is a slap in face. Trained professional can’t tell the difference between his gun on one side and his taser on the other?
    Aint that some shit.


    They pretty much zeroed in on a foot locker, and cleared it out, in the first few moments after the verdict. If I’m shot to death one day, I at least hope it justifies free sneakers for everyone.






    Not too bad. Hopefully that’s the end of any kind of rioting and looting.


    what state is this in? also link for article?

    buddy of mine is a county cop in Plano, Texas and they’re only authorized to carry tazers and other “defensive” weapons.

    This sounds like it falls into the “just b/c you’re qualified, doesn’t mean you should,” kinda like bad professors.


    If a cop says lay the fuck down, and you try to get up, you should be shot in the back. Asshole deserved what he got. Even if the cop is an idiot, the fact that people don’t respect them makes some of them feel like they have to abuse their power. Then shit like this happens. And no, I don’t give a shit about anyone elses opinion on the matter, just like no one gives a shit about mine. Aint the internet great?!?!


    Sadly, this won’t be the dumbest comment in the thread. I’m waiting for Kommisar to come in and call the cop a hero for killing a black person.


    Argumentum ad “no one gives a shit so here’s my opinion anyway” seems to run rampant these days


    If the cops say lay down, and you try to get up, you should get beat down with sticks and kicked with boots repeatedly to within an inch of your life. Right?

    Sigh, at least these Rodney King incidents are migrating north, away from where I live.


    Try RTFA.

    The murder victim didn’t “try to get up” because he couldn’t.

    He was handcuffed and another cop had a knee planted on the back of the victim’s neck.

    This officer drew his firearm and shot the -completely compliant, restrained and helpless- victim in the back with fatal results.


    You think I need to be informed of THIS particular incident (RTFA) to have an opinion? On a statement that could easily have been made OUTSIDE this thread? And you believe everything in the press? That makes YOU the idiot in my book. I wasn’t there, and didn’t see the ENTIRE thing (were you??) then that article is worthless to me. Because you’ll never see the articles where this guys life WAS threatened a hundred times before this incident. Maybe YOU didn’t RTFA: “Two officers appear to be struggling with Grant prior to the shot being fired,” Borelli said. “This… Read more »


    Watch any of the multiple videos of the instance.

    “Two officers appear to be struggling with Grant prior to the shot being fired,” Borelli said.

    He was handcuffed, face down, with a knee on the on the back of his head.

    But don’t let that get in the way of your quote mining.

    Watch the video. I know you don’t have the stones to admit that you’re wrong after the hysterics you’re indulging in here – but watch -any- of them anyway.


    please watch the video. the guys is laying down on his face

    the cop shot him in the back.

    it was murder. his name is oscar grant you can youtube the shooting, as someone else said, there were multiple witnesses with their camera phones recording the murder.

    pls note the way this piece of shit cop kicks his body after he shot him in the back. tragic…. 2-4 years….


    Stolid: I thought you said you didn’t give a shit.


    There is a punishment for resisting arrest, and no, it’s NOT murder.


    …and this was supposed to be a response to Stolid. Go me.


    If a nig gets killed, does anyone care?

    Tiggle Bitties

    am i gonna hafta shoot a bitch? (caption plz) honestly the hubbub over this is really overblown. yes, i understand a lot was unfair/wrongly judged but i’ve stopped caring. people going out to riot after getting drunk and high just for the lolz? (my friends did this by the way and i weren’t studying i might have too) i’m not sure people are really all that worked up about this in oakland than they enjoy having an excuse to break the law further. the law is meant to be obeyed by everyone, including the cops. it is my firm belief… Read more »


    IRM that was a really stupid comment. you should care.
    cops killing people in front of witnesses with no penalty affects us all.
    or is it because hes black you think this is racial and doesnt affect you???

    an excuse to riot??! that sounds ridiculous.
    grow up and then you will understand when grown people are talking – one day.


    Anyone that thinks manslaughter isn’t enough, remember, he is a COP going to PRISON.


    Just to clarify, if he survives the few years you get for manslaughter, it will be an ICP certified Fukkin’ Miracle!


    Eh, people always say that but I think the Jakes look out for their own.


    I’m interested to see WHERE he goes to prison 😛 I’m better a low security country club where he’s under the watchful eye of his fellow cops.


    i have never had a good experience with a police officer, even when i called them for help




    this, yes.


    I can agree in the most part. But I will say that some traffic cops and ALL biker cops are pretty decent guys.


    Officials said the main instigators appeared to be organized “anarchist” agitators wearing black clothing and hoods. Many of the most aggressive demonstrators smashing the windows of banks and shops were white. Community leaders had called for nonviolence, and during the day most of the rage from those who thought Mehserle should have been convicted of a more serious charge was confined to loudspeakers and animated conversations on the asphalt. But, as many community leaders had predicted for weeks, a determined knot of renegades faced off with the police who surrounded the protesters. They taunted the officers and threw bottles and… Read more »


    i was hoping someone would be trying to defend the guy in this thread.


    Thanks for noticing I wasn’t trying to defend him. He is an idiot. But so are all the people who don’t respect and/or listen to cops. Cops carry weapons for just that reason.


    No, Cops carry weapons to defend their lives if they have to. But too many have your point of view on the matter and shoot to protect their ego.

    I’ve never been arrested, and never committed a crime. I’m about as vanilla as they come, but every single time I’ve had to deal with a cop, I’ve found them to be arrogant and self-important, and I’ve lived all over the country. There’s a thing called equivilant punishment, and more and more it seems cops are forgetting about that.


    Adam Sandler?


    I think the really fucked thing is halfwits with a badge who are a) a murderer or b) incompetent and can’t function under pressure (Both should really be checked into before, you know, becoming a cop), are the ones we’re suppose to respect to enforce the law. They’re not around to protect us, they’re just law enforcers. It puts them in a position of power, and power makes a lot of people evil. Blindly respecting people because of a badge feels like religion to me, I can’t dumb myself down enough to do it.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I remember this now. to address some comments: some cops wear their taser on the same side because they’re right handed or left handed and not good with the other hand. I checked. I saw this video. The guy wasn’t handcuffed but he was down. He was struggling with the officers on him and protocol is to have another officer use the taser while the officers restraining him work. This guy pulled the wrong gun and the guy on the ground jumped at the wrong time. So he fired. Its called a mistake. Its a horrible mistake but if you… Read more »


    Yeah, bad situation. No winners on this one.


    I love how the the guy with the handle ‘I fuck retards’ thinks you all aren’t classy enough.

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