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Repost, I submited it first.


Indeed a repost. Still fails at including “@mac.com” as well.

TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

you think open source tools make you a programmer and photoshop makes you a designer
you wear horn rimmed glasses and say words like irony and ignorant without ever thinking about what they mean
you’re a sponge who stills gets an allowance
people over 45 think you’re a computer wizard
people under 45 think you need to grow the fuck up and quit playing pretend


drawing adverse inferences from something as simple as an email address is stereotype profiling

and that shit doesn’t work




I have a hotmail and a gmail account both active. What does that say about me?


If I wasn’t lazy, I’d make a “What Your Repost Says About You” chart.


what does it mean if i filter my work email through gmail?

and if my primary form of communication is an .edu address?

tell me, o magic oatmeal.com, what am i?


If your ISP is your phone company (DSL), you probably didn’t get an email account. Most phone companies have dropped all services… no email, no usenet, NOTHING but access to the net. Qwest is that way. They tell their customers to get an MSN account for email. I got a gmail account instead (I refuse to use anything MS whenever possible). As to having your own domain, it USUALLY means you’re a douchebag with more money than sense. I don’t know a single professional who has his own domain, but several “writers” who do. I also think it’s more telling… Read more »