if you can’t make it good, make it 3d

if you can't make it good, make it 3d

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    Funny, but I’ve got 3D glasses right here I use, and this is neither good, nor 3D. Whoever did this made it LOOK like it was 3D, but it’s not.

    tiki god

    r/b glasses? I was gonna buy me a pair, but then the economy collapsed and now there’s no mail delivery to my state


    This poster is on M. Night Shamalayanmnalayam’s wall.


    This is the best Avatar poster I’ve seen yet.


    “…and then charge suckers 5 dollars more.”


    You can tell just by looking at how far the colours bleed off the edges, that even if it was proper R/B 3D, it would all be the same depth.


    it’s not real 3D – I can tell from the bleeding off the edges and having seen a lot of 3D images in my time


    Due to the bleeding off the edges and having seen a lot of 3D images in my time I can tell that it’s not real 3D.


    i don’t think this is true… there are a lot of fun movies out right now that come with a 3D option. I’m not fond of 3D cuz it gives me a headache but some of the 3D optional movies I’ve seen have been pretty awesome. I loved how to train your dragon, and i can’t wait to see dispicable me

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