Types of libertarian

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    what does this have to do with librarians?


    There’s rational self interest in there somewhere.


    Don’t you know there’s no such thing! Every person who believes in any form of small government is a delusional nutcase who wants to kill brown people. There is no way to have smaller government and smaller corporations, because everyone knows a giant entity must direct people’s lives, and obviously it isn’t going to be the Catholic Church any more.


    Sarcasm aside, you’re kinda right with that last part. As social creatures, humans would turn into a mob without a guiding entity. A person is sane, thoughtful, and rational. People are violate, psychotic, and selfish.


    I know, which is why I’m not totally sold on anarchy. It would be great if people were rational enough to function without someone telling them what to do, but I know they’re not. But I do believe we could have far less interference and still do all right. Baby steps.


    Yes, because our great government never make mistake and we all live in utopia. There is no back door deal in our government. Right.

    fracked again

    Whoa there cowboy, non sequitur and serial strawmen!


    One could say the same for this humorous comic.

    fracked again

    Now that is criticizing the comic. +1


    Could have been terrifically funny if it hadn’t used quite so broad a brush (figuratively speaking.) Unfortunately the feeling it leaves me with is that the lefties at leftycartoons.com‘s can be just as shitty a bunch of misrepresenting douchebags as their right-wing targets.


    Yes, shame on the satirist (who makes his living drawing silly pictures) for not being subtle and nuanced! He needs to add a panel for ‘Butthurt McS and/or Fark commenters’.


    ^QED. Perhaps that panel should have a faggy Che shoop crying strawman horseshit all the way back to the Village Voice, over a simple criticism.


    Damn dude. Decaf. Try it.

    For the record, the che shoop was just an inside joke to a friend that I never got around to changing. I wouldn’t fault you for making assumptions about me because of it.

    However…. ‘butthurt’ qualifies as ‘faggy strawman crying horseshit blah blarghghgh’, but ‘shitty bunch of misrepresenting douchebags’ is just a simple criticism? I think your calibration may be off a little. And please explain ‘QED’. I know what it means, I just don’t understand how it applies to me.

    Have you considered the possibility that you may just be an asshole?


    QED = “That which was to be demonstrated” = Your post demonstrated my original criticism. Also, if you can’t suss out the difference between criticism and name calling, I’m not going to do it for you –but here’s a hint: try focusing on the word “misrepresenting”.

    As considering myself an asshole, the thought crosses my mind regularly whenever I reveal shit-for-brains such as you.


    I like how the left has jumped on the bash libertarians bandwagon just because a few more libertarians are making headway recently.

    I laugh.

    fracked again

    Its just more visible. Libertarians are thought of as goofs by just about everybody except other libertarians.


    its a sad sad day that i can say i have met people from most of these types and they all make me sad they are a part of our human race