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If you’re going to have a coordinate system for the entire galaxy, wouldn’t it make more sense to have en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sagittarius_A* at the origin?


Not necessarily. An astrogator will need to orienteer from a known coordinate system. Since we know Sol, all coordinates and distances can be measured in relation to it.


I thought the center of our galaxy was a super massive black hole.


It is. Black holes aren’t necessarily black. Recall that they trap and pull in light. Ergo, they have large concentrations of light surrounding them.


Uh – no. That’s not why they are bright. They pull in EVERYTHING, not just light. They are surrounded by a large disk of matter (called an accretion disk) that is slowly spiraling into the black hole. As it get closer to spiraling “down the drain”, it compresses and speeds up, which causes the matter to radiate and to shoot some matter off perpendicular to the maw (called a jet). It’s the jets and all that radiation the accretion disk throws off that makes a black hole bright. Ironically, black holes tend to be the brightest objects in the known… Read more »




Scrotum-Centaurus Arm