Lesson in Teen Lingo

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Um, I don’t think that’s what Fap means… 🙂

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    lol, first, they should watch south park if they think that is what cheezing is. and second, uber isn’t even slang, its German


    I was going to say…. über is nothing new

    i am amused how many gamer terms are in there


    stop trying to make fetch a word!


    “Dis”? “Ice”? “G”?
    Are they translating teenagers or rappers?


    I’m absolutely fapped… (the second ‘meaning’)apparently:P


    Looks like they used the troll entries at Urbandictionary.com


    I thought the same thing, is that a meta-troll, or a trans-troll perhaps?


    I don’t think these mid 20s-30 years old are bamboozling their “rents”


    “gaper” certainly doesn’t mean what they say either


    “piece” and “grip” mean guns in my hood. who the hell is she getting references from? every stereotypical “bad boy” member in a boy band?


    Agreed. the real question I have is whether this is a naive journalist believing whatever their “hip” teenage cousin tells them or just another case of amazingly lazy journalism.


    the people who invented all this are total chompers


    Dawwwwwww, ADORABLE.

    My favorites are definitely:
    Holah – make some noise
    Secks – something desirable

    Also wtf is a Generation Z??????

    Gen X ended circa 1980 (yes, I realize the actual year varies between sources)… Gen Y is mas/menos the following 2 decades… then we hit the Millenials, those that have never known a world w/o windows… born 2000 – 2020… meaning PRESUMABLY that anyone that isn’t Gen Y… is under 13 and not old enough to troll on an account anywhere and/or have a mastery of their ABC’s. Yes?


    Millennials (Gen Y is a stupid name) are approx. 1982-1994. Anyone born after that (1994-late 2000s) are “Gen Z” and their parents are mostly Gen Xers with a few very late Boomers and ungodly early Millenials. They are mostly too young to really be able to say anything about them. Maybe they’ll get squished in with the Millenials as time goes on, but for now I guess they’re slightly different. Sorta like the Baby Boomers and the Jones Generation, Jones are the Boomers little brothers and sisters, but not quite Gen Xers. I’m kinda talking outta my ass, but much… Read more »


    If anyone over here said
    “Imma get my swerve on”
    They’d get laughed at, terribly.

    Its all about swagga now.


    This was clearly written by teenagers taking the piss out of people.


    Gaper, Chomper, Fap. That girl is a chomper, i use to fap to her, now she has a gaper.