Crazy Brits

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after being epicly def(ch)eated the british soccerhoes go crazy…

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    British people are awesome and they speak funny.


    def(ch)eated …. you still think so after the germans beat the shit out of argentinia ?


    Yup, we would have beaten the shit out of Argentina as well.


    That Germany vs Argentina game was painful to watch. All of Argentina must have been in tears. haha England didn’t even have a chance to play Argentina. Spare me with the “What if’s.”


    What if the nazis had won the war? THERE’D BE NO ENGLISH TEAM HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    teezy weezy

    English you fucktards.


    Yes, because clearly the world gives a real fuck between what you consider immigrants as “british” and anyone “of pure “aryan” english lineage with a traceable genealogy” is english

    You exploited the fuck out of colonies and third world nations and now you’re complaining about retributions?

    And yes, because anyone gives a real fuck being english descent gives you a great excuse to be a chav / workingman with that wonderful 17% VAT so the queen can wipe her ass with egyptian silk


    fortyseven you need to calm down.

    teezy weezy saying “English you fucktards” refers to the fact that it is English football team fans pictured. It has nothing to do with being Aryan-English or Immigrant-British. Where do you get that from? that’s the biggest pile of horse shit I’ve ever heard.

    If your born in England you’re English, Scotland-Scottish, Wales-Welsh and everyone from any of these countries is also British not everyone not white English is British. learn your facts.




    well it could be worse…at least we not French or American. And we still own most the World.


    Are you still living in the 1600s?


    The union jack may still be on a bunch of flags but seeing how Australia, Canada adopted the Westminister act long ago you don’t exactly own shit anymore

    England in its dilapidated, CCTV-cameras-everywhere and a national DNA database; current state, isn’t the same pride and prejudice, mary fucking poppins “england” that everyone readily imagines

    Jesus christ that snobbery wasn’t a myth




    England – and most any other wealthy country – is such a luxuary – takes me seconds to figure out how good I have it when anyone complains about the “state of the country”.


    Even if you scored your goals you would’ve lost. Holland and Brazil, however was very different, considering Holland should’ve gotten 4 red cards and Felipe Melo should fucking… Get in a non fatal non-serious injury accident that somehow ends his career. THAT was a clearly cheated game.