Jimi Hendrix

Hendrix frozen in carbonite.jpg (116 KB)

Hendrix frozen in carbonite

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    Freddie Mercury got a much better location.


    Broadway and Pine St, Seattle WA.


    ya kno- they funny thing about all the Jimi Hendrix tributes here in Seattle is: Jimi just wanted to get the fuck outta here- he did NOT like living here! once he left- he never came back. LOL also, another strange fact: Jimi’s birth mother is in a paupers grave in the same graveyard Jimi is in. The family did not relocate her to Jimi’s new massive tomb. real nice, eh?


    it used to be outside of a recording studio at which i recorded, but that business closed in the late ’80s… i don’t know what’s there now…

    i used to live right across the street from where jimi’s mausoleum is, but i moved somewhere else a few years ago.


    ooooo right in front the new Blick store…. Montana gold babaaaayyy.


    most awesome guy ever

    Numero 41



    yay hendrix
    choking to death in your own vomit, what a way to go