Abramovich’s toy

MYEclipse-Frederikshavn-Denmark.JPG (605 KB)

Tons burthen: 13,000 GT
Length: 170 m (560 ft)
Crew: 70 crew members
“The yacht’s initial cost was estimated at € 340 million (circa $485 million US), but a September 2009 report indicated that final costs could approach $1.2 billion US (€ 800 million).”

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    Holy crap! It has a German-built missile defense system and lasers that destroy photographs as they are being taken.


    It seems the photography defense system was on the blink that day –

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Putin will still get him eventually.


    Beautiful boat, but reading the guys bio makes me think he won’t enjoy it long. The dude’s got some shady background.


    “The dude’s got some shady background.”

    Well he is Russian


    I had a boat like this once. True story. I traded it for 4 Lord of the Pits and 3 Sengir Vampires though. I already had 1 Sengir Vampire so I let the boat go cheap…no need to be greedy now is there!


    The Oasis of the Seas cost around the same as this thing and it can carry 5800 passengers! Someone might have got ripped off… Unless they forgot to mention the missile launcher on the Eclipse, that would explain it.


    So, I’ll use the stealth-jet-ski, climb through the ship’s air-vents to seduce the disgruntled daughter, befuddle the 70 crew members with amnesia-pheromone gas, and then expose the diabolical Abramovich for his overindulgent excesses. I’ll end flagrante delicto with his daughter again but this time in 3D. I got Thunderball, but isn’t calling this Lightning-Rod too much of a rehash? Oh, OK.


    Whatever the fuck you’re snorting, I want some.


    Looks like a good place to get Polonium poisoning.