Portal-PC rage

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    i’m making a note here, huge success

    fracked again



    CMD+Click on Mac = Right click…

    I lol’d anyway


    Right click on Mac = Right click…


    It’s RCTRL+Click… but Mac’s have had multi button mice for many years now… I doubt you’ll find anyone who has just a single button mouse. Not to mention that even before that, you could use any regular multi button mouse with a Mac just fine… all the way back to OS9 in fact!

    This joke was old and tired five years ago. It’s just sad that people keep telling it. You might as well be telling Windows Millennium jokes about modern Windows… same thing.


    Actually, the joke is that they’ve supported the right mouse button for ages, but didn’t sell mice that actually had one.


    The real joke is that they still make their laptops w/o 2 mouse buttons… Desktop MACs, fine, w/e get yourself a good two button mouse of what ever brand/model you want. But when you’re using a laptop and don’t want to break out a mouse, it’s still a pain in the ass. I don’t own a MAC but I have to work on MAC laptops plenty and it annoys the shit outta me. So much so that I usually plug in a mouse and say fuck the pad.

    teezy weezy

    playing portal on a 17 year old mouse = success for trolls.


    Razer DeathAdder Mac Edition: problem solved.


    The other fail with Macs and mice is badging peripherals “Mac Edition” and some times charging more than for the exact same “PC edition” product even though with USB today it makes NO FUCKING DIFFERENCE.


    Razer Deathadder: $59.99
    Razer Deathadder Mac Edition: $49.99

    ….wait what?

    Also the original Deathadder states it is Mac/PC compatible. But the Mac edition is 1800 and the original is 3600.

    Srsly Razer, wtf rite?


    There really is no joke.

    A serious gamer is going to be a gaming mouse, period.