Advertising opportunity for MCS

Ok guys, as you all well know, Google went and blocked MCS, and I’ve been hurting for income.  There’s nothing serious, I have enough saved up for a few more months of hosting, we’re good until school gets back in at least!  The problem is that after that, I don’t have very much lined up advertising wise, and that’s going to suck come August/September.

I was approached by a company that’s offering an obscene amount of money for a type of advert that I’m somewhat hesitant to use, and after checking with the MCS-IRC crew, I’ve come to the general site to see what you think.

They want to have ‘low volume” autoplay flash ads that are above the fold.  Here’s the example that they sent me, it’s the ad spot to the right below the google ad block.  I have a poll set up on the much ignored, so go on over there and let me know what your official opinion is, no registration required, so unless you want to comment here or there about it, no need to sign in to vote.  If you’re using Flashblock, noscript or adblock you may not see it.

Mind you, if you’re mcs+, you’ll never have to deal with it anyways, so maybe it’s time to sign up for that, eh? 🙂


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    I say do it up. if you are going to make mad cash why not?


    I’ve been at this site since the picture of the Baroness washing Cobra uniforms. multiple years. and never paid shit-all to you or your people and contributed maybe five pictures.

    if you want to put ads like the example cotton ad, not annoying loud and not involving the words CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE WON then I say you fucking do it, man.


    do it. it won’t stop me visiting.


    Do it.
    Do it now and do it hard like Demon likes.

    Double 00 Exia

    I say go for it. It’s not gonna pop up across the screen and it’s got a mute button if its loud. Totally do it Tiki. Your site is pretty big if you’ve got this type of cash being thrown at ya, so this is just one more chance to grow. Go for it and live the dream we all wish we could do lol


    i hate that kind of ad passionately, but… no site, no ads, or site and ads… well, you need dollars. just don’t go ape-shit with the noisemaking pop-up flash-waving shit, as a few other folks have said, and it’ll be ok.


    I say do it Tiki. Its hard out there for a pimp, and sometimes you gotta have ugly hoes to bring in the cash.

    Did that make sense?


    I say go for it, but, you know, I already paid up to avoid them, so whatever. Your site, your call, tiki.


    To be or not to be?


    Go for it. I’ve been coming here for years and will continue to do so.


    Definitely go for it. I do not want to conceive of life after MCS.


    ^^this, this, and this^^


    ^and that!^


    Why don’t you ask the guys that own Internet D or random nude for advertising money?


    I am broke man.


    Best be trollin son.


    Doowit. BTW went to your voting site, but saw no way to vote. Only saw a results graph.


    I just click on “Archives” and then click on whatever poll I want.


    I always let ads run on sites i enjoy.
    But they instant they make a peep, they get annoying.

    those cotton ads? they were fcking singing.

    see the problem?




    Tiki, you deserve all the cash you can wring out of this motherfucker



    Yeah, I’m with the dog. Except for the “faggot” part. Go for it.


    it’s a meme, retard


    downvoting you biaaaachhhhhh


    Right back atcha.


    Long live MCS! Bring on the ads!


    go for it!.


    I will still visit but will turn volume down. I hate audio in websites, especially ads. But if I can watch commercials on TV I can put up with it.


    On a related note get in touch with full sail university, it’s the college i attend and lately they’ve been whoring out the adverts pretty hardcore, im sure you could get some from them.


    Go for it dude. I have this handy thing called a mute button. You need to stick around. Where else can I go to vent? And stalk fracked again?


    I’m full of love and support for MCS, so in the end, I’d also say, do whatever it takes to not vanish into nothingness, but I won’t lie, I hate ads and I find them horribly distracting. But as a mcs+ Member I have the option to not see ads, as long as I have that option I’m good.

    So even if I would have to pay for a mcs++ platinum-membership to not see ads, I would rather choose this option.


    Cash in my man, you deserve it! This shit is on my short list of daily pages, and that certainly deserves some kudos. Do you have any idea how many desktops I’ve used from here? Practically all of them, that’s how many.

    The ad example is even pretty good. Pretty classy presentation and the volume is definitely low. I probably wouldn’t even notice it anyway. But that being said; firefox + adblock + mcs+ = “there are ads on the internet?”


    Rape’em for every penny!


    I’ve got MCS+, 2 ad blockers and flashblock, bring it on!


    I can’t afford MCS+ right now, but god dammit… this site is one of my main sources of amoozement, just don’t do those fecking stupid roll out adds that take up the whole page and I’m fine with whatever you have to do to keep the site going. I don’t want to not have MCS around. Srsly.

    Where else would I get to see Casemods make an ass of himself? WHERE TIKI?! WHERE?!


    You don’t need to afford +. I gotted it for $free!


    yeah, comment moar and you gets in


    I say do it if you can’t find a better solution. I hate the ads but if it’s a choice between doing the ads and MCS going away (or not being free anymore), I can deal. There’s enough good stuff here to make it worth the annoyance.


    I don’t contribute so I should pay somehow, I guess it should be via horrific ads! 😉


    We would all rather have annoying adds than no mcs. just do that shit up son.

    There’s something to be said for keeping it real, for staying small and indie, and resisting selling out to the man. There is more, perhaps, to be said for dumptrucks full of money. I’m with natedog.



    Do it!!! Anything to keep m[c]s alive!


    go for it…take the $$
    between adblock and noscript, I had to make an effort to get the example ad to show up…

    Professor Cramulus

    sorry man, but I’ve gotta be the voice of dissent. In the past, I’ve stopped viewing sites because their advertising got too out of control. When ads start jacking my speakers, that’s exactly where I draw the line. I’ve been reading mcs since like page 23, so I wouldn’t leave, but I would block all the ads. Is this really the last resort? I’m sure you can find an advertiser that won’t make viewing the site so annoying.


    Do it.


    Ads that make noise are one thing.

    Ads that you can’t shut up. At all. Ever. are another. I don’t generally do adblocking, because I believe that sites I enjoy should get paid for legitimate impressions, but if every single time I go to a site with funny pictures it starts yelling at me about changing my toilet bowl cleaner? I’m going to start looking for another funny pictures site. I love you MCS, but I don’t like squawky ads with no mute.

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