Widmer Brothers “Brothers Best” variety pack

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I must be getting older, because I do enjoy the drifters ale…I like the bitter taste of it.

Finally – a fridge full of beer I will drink..and not my dads crappy MGD. Feels good man. only $20 or so at costco.

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    not bad for Costco. but you need to discover www.totalwine.com/ and there 1,000+ beer selection.

    if there is one near ya i highly implore you to go there, “St bernardus Abt 12” is one of my favorite beers and if you like dark and bitter i believe you will like it.
    “Dogfish ale black and blue” is also another fine selection you may enjoy.


    Second on Dogfish -great beer.


    Drinking the MGD would be a better sign of old age + also defeat.


    I didn’t know you liked brothers best case? I figured you just liked white guys.

    Donut Jesus

    It’s apparent why Dad drinks. . .


    Wow, this is the first non-moronic thing I’ve seen this douche ever post…. Widmir is the king of beers, and it took living in another country to prove to myself how right I am in that statement…


    But not old enough to fill your fridge with chicken and salads.


    Yuck, you can keep your Pale Ales and IPAs. I want none of them. Give me a Stout or a Porter please.